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    Just a question without starting a new thread, what does Roehl start van drivers at now? Just referred Roehl to a new driver as a good starter company since hometime is big for him. But I was there almost 7 years ago.
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    About to start training with Roehl for dry van myself. The recruiter said $0.33 per mile to start, $0.34 per mile at 3 months solo (if I recall correctly), and $0.36 per mile after 6 months solo. After 6 months solo, a driver is transferred to a level system. Points are tallied based on things like safety, timliness, and miles driven. Points are calculated every fiscal quarter. If the driver has enough points, they gain a level and get a raise.

    If going Get Your CDL, it's $500 per week during CDL school and $90 per day when on the truck with a trainer (again, if I recall correctly), which is supposed to last about 19 days (could be more, could be less depending on the progress of the new driver).

    I know the starting, 6 months, and weekly Get Your CDL pays are accurate (based on what I have read and been told by the recruiter), the others I'm not 100% certain on.
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