Free 2016 CDL Combination Vehicle Endorsement Practice Test

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The Purpose of the Test

If you have been around trucks for awhile you might think that you don’t actually need to take a test to do the job well but that simply is not the case. You may be surprised by just how much you don’t know when it comes to current safety standards. You may know how to take care of certain things but you may not do them in the right manner. Knowing how to do your job not only effectively but also safely is important. This is what you will learn when you take your combination endorsement test. The test will put you in the best possible position to get the job that you want and to do it well.

Choosing Your Study Materials

You can have been around combination vehicles your whole life and you will still need to study for this test. There is a wealth of information that will allow you to do as well as possible on the test the first time you take it. Many people assume that they know everything and take the test without studying at all. This usually results in a failing grade which will require further testing and another investment. There are many different study materials for you to choose from.

The local motor vehicle department might be able to offer you a great study guide to use to gather all of the information that is needed to do well on the test. Most states have their own version of the test so you might want to check with them first so you know exactly what you need to learn. Their study guides may be free or you may need to pay a small sum for them. Regardless, they are probably worth their weight in gold because they will provide you with all of the information that you could possibly find on the test. Visit your local motor vehicle department online to inquire about the study guide.

Don’t look past internet resources when searching for the best study guides. The internet is a gold mind of information and you may find all of the information you need in just the click of the mouse. You will probably be able to find a wealth of free information and then you can pick and choose what paid information is the best for your needs. There will likely be a lot to choose from, so focus on those that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. When looking at websites make sure to choose those that have the newest and most relevant information.

Don’t forget the library or the bookstore for study help. There is no doubt a wealth of written content that will provide you with all of the information you have ever wanted to know about to pass this specific endorsement test. Just be sure that you are concentrating on finding resources that have been published in the last three to five years. The older the information it is the less relevant it is going to be because standards change over time. Keep things within the last three to five years for the best use of your studying time.

The Importance of Practice Tests

You could have been around combination vehicles for 20 years and you will still need to study for the combination vehicle endorsement test. Just because you know where the engine is doesn’t mean you are familiar with all of the safety standards associated with these vehicles. You need to study a lot and then you need to take as many practice tests as possible to see what you know and what you could still improve upon. You’ll do much better if you study and study hard making use of the many practice tests that are made available to you.

Through practice tests you’ll get an idea of what you will need to know for the test and when you get the results you’ll see what you need to study specifically and what you still need to work on. When you can focus your studying efforts on the areas where you are not doing well you’ll likely see much better test results in the long run. Don’t talk yourself out of taking these tests as they are a great tool that will help you write your own ticket to success.

Wondering how many practice tests you should take? You should take as many as you need until you feel comfortable with the information, the format and the answers! Additionally, you should keep taking the tests until you score upwards of 80% on the test. For some people they may need to take three practice tests and for others it may take ten or more practice tests. There is no right or wrong number to take, you should just keep taking them until you feel comfortable and you are consistently getting passing grades on each and every test.

Taking no less than three practice tests before you take the real test will expose you to more sample questions and will also allow you to really get a feel for how you will do on the test. If you have test anxiety you will benefit from passing these practice tests because it will boost your confidence and allow you to do better on the test. If you take the three practice tests and you pass all of them with an 80% or above you should be in a position where you can take and pass the combination vehicle CDL endorsement test.

Preparing for the Test: Test Day

The things you did to prepare for tests in elementary school is what you should do before taking the CDL combination vehicle endorsement test. You need to get plenty of rest the evening before and eat a balanced meal beforehand. Most states require that you score an 80% or above on the test to get your endorsement, so the bottom line is that you need to know and be able to answer 80% of the questions correctly to get your endorsement. This is where all of those practice tests and all of the sample questions will come in handy—because you will have seen them before you and you will know how to answer them. Once you pass your test, the whole world will be yours with a lot more job opportunities that will be yours for the taking!

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Truckers Report Jobs

Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds

Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.


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  1. Mike Votta says

    All right ! Just passed my CDL permit test today, I did read the manual about 5 times but I have to tell you taking these practice test put me over the top! Great website, thanks

  2. kalua grace says

    thank you so much for this online tests. I have a class B endorsed NP. I completed my hazmat test and tsa clearance… now i just need to take a new drivers liscense picture with my hazmat endorsement X . So my drivers liscense will read… Class B .. X for hazardous tankers … P passengers. At the same time I am taking my combination vehicles test to upgrade to a class A Permit . Thanks to your website… I have been studying hard. Repetitiously going back over and over @ the tests till I memorized them. Not just for the sake of the test itself @ the DMV, but for a better knowledge and understanding about safety. Thank you so much. …. I wish to stay on this site for a better respect for my equiptment and for the safety and welfare for myself, The safety of people, animals, and the environment that surround us everyday on the highways and byways. Again ….Mahalo .. and thank you very much.

  3. Huseph says

    This website is super great! I have been doing the practice test on this website for the past four days. I did my permit test today and speed through it in less than 8mins. The questions were exactly the same as the website. Keep doing the great work

  4. Kent says

    Thank You for all the help.I passed my general knowledge test and air brakes test on the first try.I was after my AG CDL for employment.Since this site made it seem so easy to pass my tests,I have decided to go ahead and get my class A cdl.Great place to help learn the material needed.Keep up the great work.

  5. Nick Santos says

    These practice tests are amazing. Ive been practicing for two weeks now. I want to keep practicing until I get 100% on everything. Some of these tests I fly right by them. Cant wait to get my CDL. Wish me luck….

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