Free 2016 CDL HazMat Endorsement Practice Test

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Practice Tests and Studying for your CDL: Hazmat Endorsement Test

Why the Test Is Mandatory

The hazardous materials endorsement requires testing, just as getting your CDL required testing. Why do you have to take such a test? The reason is that commercial drivers need to be qualified to deal with potentially hazardous spills and situations. If you are driving large vehicles that require a CDL license and a Hazmat endorsement there is a good chance that you will be dealing with hazardous materials. Knowing how to deal with these situations will keep you, the driver, safe as well as know how to react accordingly should a hazardous situation ever present itself.

Where to Find Study Materials

A lot of drivers feel because they have been around large vehicles and hazardous materials that they do not need the endorsement but this is not true. You can never know too much about how to deal with these situations because responding appropriately could mean the difference between an accident and a catastrophe. It’s important to review information as much as possible until you know it well. A great place to start looking for help is your local motor vehicle department. Many motor vehicle departments offer study guides that will help you prepare for their specific test.

The library as well as the book store can be a great place to get the information that you need to pass the hazmat endorsement test. Just make sure you check into the date of the information that you look into, as the more recently the book was published the more relevant the information will be. There is usually a wealth of information that can be found in these books. Not only will you get overviews of the tests, you can also take a look at sample tests and you’ll also find that when you read over the information enough times from enough resources, you’ll really start to absorb it!

The internet is a great place to learn about hazmat endorsement testing because there are many resources, paid and otherwise, that will provide you with great information. Shop around and see what you can find, remember the newer the information is the more relevant it will be in meeting your study needs. Just be sure that you focus on taking in any information that you receive, instead of overwhelming yourself with the sheer amount of information available.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Do not look past the importance of a practice test. While practice tests may seem like a waste of time in the short term, in the long run you will be happy that you took the time to take a practice test or two because those who take practice tests usually do markedly better than those who do not. Give yourself a better chance of passing the first time by taking at least one practice test.

Practice tests for your hazmat endorsement are usually very eye opening as it will show you in no uncertain terms what you know and what you need to study more. Continue taking the practice tests once a week and continue studying until you are able to pass the test with ease. Not only will you be able to concentrate your study efforts with the results of the practice test, you will boost confidence as you go along and do better and better.

There are many online CDL hazmat endorsement practice tests for you to take advantage of. You should check with your motor vehicle department as well, because many offer a free practice test so you can get an idea of the types of questions that you will be asked. It will also allow you see how much you know and where you need more help before you actually spend the money on the real test.

You’re Ready When…

You’re ready to take the CDL hazmat endorsement test when you know all of the information really well. At the bare minimum you need to answer 80% of the questions on the test correctly. It’s hard to say what 80% of the information will be on the test, so this is why you need to focus on knowing as much as possible so you can do as well as you can so you can pass the test the first time around.

This is where those practice tests will come in handy. You will have a sampling of test questions and you’ll also know where you need to focus your efforts. When you do the practice tests you should actually ensure that you know more than 80%. So, if you have been able to pass every practice test you have taken with at least an 80% (but you should focus on getting closer to 100%) you are ready to take the real test and get the job that you want that requires the hazmat endorsement.

Studying for the Test: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Don’t allow for the importance of the test to overwhelm you. It is impossible to memorize everything that you read but by following a few study tips you may find that it is much easier to learn the information you not only need to pass the test but to also do your job well.

I. Don’t look at the big picture; break it down. Don’t try to learn everything in one foul swoop, instead break it up a bit so that you can learn with ease. Breaking it up and studying a small piece of information until you know it and then adding to that knowledge is much easier than trying to learn it all in one pass.

II. Use the techniques that work. Flash cards, repetition and memorization are all ways to learn the information that is needed to pass the test.

III. Find a friend. Meet up with someone else who is taking the same endorsement test and work together to quiz one another and get as ready as possible. When you study with someone who is also knowledgeable or is learning the information, it can be much more effective than studying alone or with someone who doesn’t know what you’re talking about!

IV. Practice tests work. Take as many practice tests as you are able to take for the best result. If you take more than one you’ll get an even better idea of what you can expect on the real thing. The more you practice the better you’ll do and the more prepared you will be for the actual test.

V. Slow it down a bit. Remember that you don’t have to take the test until you are really ready. You’ll know when you are ready because you’ll know the information inside and out. Don’t rush it; doing so will not do you any favors in the long run. When you do things on your own terms and in your own time you are going to have a much better chance of being successful long term.

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Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.


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  1. Jerry says

    After reading the DMV Hazmat section, it was great to have a practice test to know what I needed to study more. Passed on my first atempt

  2. ilona says

    for me it is easier tolearn to take those tests on here then just only reading the book. so i am glad this site is on will help me passing my test when i am ready to take it.

  3. JD says

    Awesome!!!!! No need for reading useless stuff… took about 8 practice tests here, then drove to the DMV…. PASSED!!!!!!!!

  4. says

    I’m glad the practice tests helped you, but please please please study your state’s hazmat manual. It’s not about getting your permit, the information in there can be the difference between life and death for you and others on the road.

  5. says

    I just want to take the time to say thank you. Your hazmat practice tests were huge in helping me pass the test for my hazmat endorsement. One of the best study tools ive ever seen. Far better than just reading the study guide, i cant thank you enough. Keep up the great work, the info in this web site and how its presented is priceless. Thank you again.

  6. Rick says

    This was a big help in me passing the test. The test itself was basically common sense questions and answers. If I just went over the booklet, I don’t think I would have passed the first time. Using the practice test with the booklet, helped me not only pass the test the first time, but understand the question that was being asked much better. Took my test yesterday, and only missed one question. Thank you for this site.

  7. harold says

    Great service you are providing. Better than just studying the booklet and testing without experiencing the testing process.This is what I used for renewal of my endorsements and it is great. Thank you so much.

  8. Big-Z says

    I highly highly reccomend using these tests for anyone getting their CDL or any endorsements. I have had my Class A for years and never had tanker or HAZMAT…. A recent job change required me to get both of the endorsements. I had not read the CDL book for like a month or more and found these tests. I passed my tests the next day after using these tests. Keep up the good work with these tests

  9. says

    Unfortunately, you need a browser that is compatible with Flash. I believe if you download Chrome or Firefox on your iPad you should be ok. Sorry for the inconvenience. Simple compatibility with Apple devices is a goal for me, but I haven’t had time to make apps just yet.

    • Kyle says

      I use a MacBook Pro and I have no issues using Firefox. Good site and I like the format of the tests here. Thanks Sam for all your kind efforts.

  10. Paul Peasley says

    I highly recommend these practice tests. Using them as a helpful guide with get you through the speed bumps that the dmv throws at you. Some of the questions dmv gives you will surprise you since its random based. Best of luck. They worked for me. Hazmat test is the hardest also.

  11. Dan says

    Thanks for operating this great site. Thanks to the practice tests I now have my Tanker and Hazmat endorsements.

  12. Jeremy VanOrder says

    Great Website. I took the Tanker and Hazmat practice tests many times. When I took the actually test at the DMV, I got 1 wrong and passed with flying colors. The questions on the practice test are asked in the same format as the ones at the DMV. Sometimes its the “Best” answer is what they are looking for and not necessarily the “Right” answer. Sometimes its the least ridiculous answer. That is one good reason you should defanitely read the Manual thoroughly.
    Meridian Idaho

  13. Tim says

    Thank you for this “AWSOME” site. If it were not for this site, I would have just given up on the whole Haz mat and Tankers endorsements. I had talked to a lot of people and they sayed it was the hardest test they had to take., and one sayed it took him 4 times to take the test to pass it.

  14. Josh says

    Fantastic tool! Helped me pass my HazMat and Tanker writtens pretty easily (Washington State). Advice? Go through your written material thoroughly then, a few days before the the tests, take these practice tests multiple times. I probably took each practice test at least 12 times. I ended up missing 1 question (total) on my writtens and it was because I was a little quick on the draw and answered before I read the entire question. Overall, I really only came across maybe 2 or 3 questions that weren’t covered here. This is really an invaluable source for anyone looking get any of the certifications covered here. Thanks a million!

  15. Ron Myers says

    Just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you just how grateful I am for this website.
    I’m a dinosaur I guess, you know a Driver that hasn’t had to take a Test since I started driving back in the early 90s.
    But after so many years running the road pulling a Reefer, It’s time to come off and run Local Whatever the help that is.
    But Hazmat seems to be the only gig paying a reasonable salary.Tough all over but especially way down in South Florida.
    The practice tests are absolutely what I need to prepare for this fancy test..
    Gonna continue practicing until they put me in front of a computer moniter, and say go..
    My deepest thanks to you and your team,for putting this together..
    Don’t think I failed a full 30 gyrations test in the last 13 attempts.

  16. stephen OLeary says

    I have had my CDL for 36 years and never claimed to know too much. We all forget some of of the rules between our testing. I have found practice test to be the best tool for preparing for testing. With that said the practice test’s on your site is second to none and today allowed me to ace the license that will take me into my retirement years. I am a Manager of an LTL Company and will share your site with my drivers. Thank you!

  17. tony says

    Thanks so much for the site. Will be 65 in November and this will be (hopefully) the last time I will ever need to take Hazmat. The site was a wonderful study aide, in addition to the DMV study guide, and oh so much easier to understand. Again, thanks!!

  18. steve diorio says

    Thank you for helping me ”ace”(only 3 wrong)my Maryland Hazmat test

    Thank you for helping me pass/re-knew the Maryland Hazmat test on the first try.(26 of 30 correct).I had studied and read the hazmat chapter many times,but,was not confident because the test asks some obscure questions based on info burried in the book.Most people can answer 20 questions correctly with no problem.It is the other 10 than will trip you up.My suggestion is this.Read the hazmat chapter over and over until you feel you know the basics,then re-take this online test about 10 times until all the questions have gone thru the rotation a few times and you know the answers to those ”obscure” questions.Then with all that still fresh in your brain take the test the next day and you will pass. Thank you ,again

  19. Sam R says

    WOW !!!!! I was on another site taking thier practice test , so I thought I’d look around and found this site much better than where I was at I really like the way you have it set up . GREAT GREAT GREAT site I can’t thank you enough now I’m ready been driving for 20 yrs but never hazmat I’m feeling like a 16 yr old kid again learning how to drive . You really put my mind at ease . I can’t thank you enough

  20. AJ says

    Went took and passed my Maryland Hazmat test (renewing license) today with a 28 out of 30 correct. This site help me alot. Thanks for making this such a user friendly site. The practice tests were great and spot on with the test I took today. Some questions matching word for word. Took all the presure away once I saw the test was so similer to what I had been practicing with. I did use the handbook as well but this site help me a lot more!!! Thank you!!!

  21. says

    I had to get my Hazmat endorsement back on my license after letting it go,I came across this site and studied it for two days and went and took the test this morning and passed it.This is one good site for anyone wanting to get their HME on their license,I would and will recommend this site to any and everyone,Great Site!!!

  22. Carlos says

    I took the text in March and I pass the first time, because I use this website for my practice text; study the book and this practice text and you don’t need nothing else.
    Thanks’ thanks’ thanks.

  23. Tom in Laredo says

    Used this practice test and missed only one out of 30 questions on the Texas DPS test. Good job guys. Thanks

  24. victor says

    Though everyone has his/her style of studying mine has been taking the practice test several times until I mastered each question and got 100% on both the short 10 question quiz and the 30 questions quiz. After feeling confident with the practice I then picked up my CDL book and studied the areas needed for my real exam, this gave me an overall understanding of the content I was reading and not just an answer to a question, I feel I am more knowledgeable about Hazmat than ever before. This site has an invaluable set of tools that money cant buy Thank you.

  25. Damian says

    Great test quizes!
    I studied the hazmat manual.
    Took your test quizes a few times,
    and passed my test today on the first try!
    Thank you for taking the time to make this website!

  26. LeRoy says

    Thanks for the practice tests. I took the HazMat practice test over and over until I scored 97 or 100. Today I passed the real exam and at least 80% of the questions were identical to your practice exam questions. Thanks for he help.

  27. David says

    Thankyou, very helpful website. Passed Hazmat, tanker, doubles and triples, and airbrakes this morning on my first try. Trick is to take each test multiple times because they change each time you take them.

  28. Ahmad says

    I like this so much and found it so useful then I did it to google + for more study the book too its alot more clearer than just the test.

  29. jim s says

    very helpful. i took 5 30 question practics tests then went to mv and took the haz mat and tanker[tanker i just used common sense and some luck]but passed both. thank you for having the site.jim

  30. Steve Metz says

    Great resource. 2 hours of practice tests for the Haz-Mat endorsement and 28 of 30 on the NC DMV test. Thanks much

  31. Katy Nobles says

    This truckersreport website is AWESOME! Really informative and very helpful. You would be foolish not to use it.

  32. Shane says

    Like everyone is saying, it is VERY helpful!! Took the Haz Mat test yesterday and aced it in twelve minutes!!! I did hit
    the books but, the practice tests here gave me ninety percent of the knowledge/speed to complete that test at the DMV!!!

  33. Irma says

    Thanks, I read the haz mat book and I thought I would never pass the test. I started practicing with the haz mat practice tests and I passed it on the first try. But like others say read the book and then practice.
    Thank You Very Very Much

  34. says

    I just finished my Hazmat Test here at the Secretary of State in Illinois and pass on the first try. This web-site has provide at least 87% of the questions that were on the test. I pass the test before completing all 30 questions.

    I advised anyone who takes the practice test to keep trying until you get them all right and study each question weather correct or incorrect.

    Thank You so much.

  35. michael says

    VERY good website, very good practice test for any test, i almost buy online $15, for practice test , thank you very much for doing this, Gbu

  36. Danny says

    Wonderful means of learning the material. Do the test over and over. Make 3 straight 100% and head to the DMV.

  37. James Nawrocki says

    I would like to thank those involved for putting together these tests. They were instrumental in me taking a passing the Hazmat Endorsement test the first time. At Question, 24, of 30, the testing center stopped me short, and said I passed. Great feeling. I did not study the official book they give you at the BMV. I just took like 25 tests online, and walked in with head high…..but nervous as heck. Thanx again guys…

  38. AL says

    I just pass today make sure you take this test very serious because its does help in so many way ………….. thank you

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