Complete Guide to Trucker Resources

There are approximately 8.9 million people employed as truckers or in the trucking industry. Many truckers are owner operators while others simply drive for trucking companies. Both men and women are employed in the trucking industry, although the industry still has more male drivers than female. Depending on the type of trucking done, drivers can spend a couple weeks on the road at a time, but then have a couple weeks off from driving. Online resources for truckers continues to grow as more people turn to trucking as steady source of income.

Trucker Slang

Women in Trucking

10 Codes

  • Official Ten-Code List: the official list offered by the University of Illinois.
  • Dispatch Magazine: offers history and insight into the use of the 10 code.
  • CB World: breaks down the codes into the most used, all the codes, and Q codes.
  • 13 Codes: definitions of 13-codes, popular on CB radio.

National Road Conditions

Height, Weight, and Length Regulation

History of Trucking and Trucking Resources

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