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    Dec 13, 2011
    I looked forward to and jumped at the chance at working for Auto Truck Transport, LLC. I was looking forward to a better job with better pay. I was informed I would have to obtain a passport and purchase tools from a list that cost nearly $800, and that I would need these during orientation and training. I purchased the tools with very little money available.

    During training, I quickly discovered the company doesn't cover meals or expenses. After two weeks, I was assigned to a trainer who started pushing out my delivery dates and was conducting personal business. I was paid only 90% for my deliveries, but he was getting paid for both his deliveries and additional daily trainer pay. I complained and was assigned another trainer, but only after another 2 weeks. I made three deliveries with over 1600 miles each including a Canadian run and only made $900 total.

    During my employment, I was financially desperate and was evicted. I contacted my supervisor and then his supervisor was told "that's the job, deal with it." I did everything I was told, did everything the company required, but in the end, my family and I paid dearly for working for ATT. I walked and found a job that took care of me and my family. I learned after I left, that 4 other new drivers left for similar reasons.
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