Complete Guide To Trucker Resources – List of tools and information for drivers on the road

Tips For Trucking Beginners –  Guide to help new truckers start off on the right foot

The Truck Stops of America – Learn all about your homes away from home

A Guide to Truckers Slang – The complete resource for trucker and CB radio slang

The Ultimate CB Radio Page – All there is to know about CB Radios

Historic Route 66 – Important information about the America’s most famous highway

Trucking Safety – Driving tips to avoid accidents and stay healthy

History of the Interstate Highway System – Brief history, maps, and tools

All About Caffeine – Brief history, current use, health benefits and repercussions

A Guide to Highway Safety – Common problems, safety tips and precautions

The GPS Resource Page – A guide to understanding the GPS constellation technology and history

Eating on the Go – Fast Food Nutrition – A discussion of some good options and some bad options for eating on the road

Lessons Plans: Goods and Services and How We Get Them – Resources for teaching trade and transportation

The Truckers’ Geocaching Resource – A brief explanation and guide to getting started in geocaching

A Trucker’s Guide to Getting Licensed – Guide to getting a CDL license and links for studying

Defensive Driving Fundamentals – Tips for avoiding unsafe drivers

Facts About Distracted Driving – Learn about distracted driving and increase your safety

Traveling by Car or Truck with Pets – How to ride long distances safely and comfortably with a furry friend

Trucking through the absence – maintaining long distance relationships – Having a relationship while driving isn’t easy, but here are some helpful guidelines to staying close in spirit

Driving Rules and Tips for Beginners – We see a lot of new drivers on the road, these are some tips to keep them safe

TruckersReport Guide to Driving Health and Safety – A comprehensive list of resources to improve safety while driving

Truckers Report: A Complete Guide for Truck Driving Safety – A list of articles to improve CDL driver safety, including emergency situations

Trucking Across The 50 States – Interesting facts about each of our 50 states

Safe Driving for Seniors – How to detect a decline in driving skills during old age, and resources for receiving help

Trucking Clean Technologies – Alternative fuels to lessen the environmental impact of semi trucks

What is Clean Technology by – An overview of the various clean technologies being used by cars and trucks

Truck Accessories – A guide to aftermarket truck accessories, and tips on how to choose the right products

Trucking Terms – An explanation of various terminology used in the trucking industry

Share the Road Safely- Cars, Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Pedestrians – Resources to help vehicles of various sizes and speeds minimize accidents while operating in close proximity

Women in the trucking industry – Discussing the small but growing female driver demographic, identifying major advocates and articles about this important upward trend

The Hazards of Night Driving & Driving in Bad Weather – Tips and safety advice for driving in adverse conditions

Driving the Heart Home, Effective Parenting from Afar – Informational resources for maintaining a presence in children’s lives while on the road

Trucking Timeline – Vintage and Antique Truck Guide – A brief history of the most famous truck models from years past, some of which are directly linked to models being produced even today

What Happens If You Have a Semi Truck Accident? – Immediate steps for semi truck drivers to take if their vehicle has been involved in an accident

Talk Like a Truck Driver – A review of CB lingo and trucker slang, with explanations of the origins and meaning

Starting a Trucking Company – An overview and resource guide on how to run a trucking business

How To Fill Out a Truck Driver Log Book – All the essential information and directions to staying compliant with trucking logbook regulations

Truck Blind Spots: Know the Danger Zones – A safety awareness guide to help car drivers avoid dangerous blind spots on trucks, and instructions for truck drivers on how to adjust mirrors to reduce their blind spots

A Portable Church for Truckers: About Truck Stop Ministries – An introduction to finding a church while on the road and a chart with the location of portable ministries by state

How to Tie a Truckers Knot – Properly securing cargo is an absolute must for every truck driver, and this guide gives an overview with examples of how to learn more

America’s Greatest Antique Trucks – A list of the best resources for finding antique trucks or getting involved in truck restoration or collecting

Truckers History Report: America’s Oldest Highways – A lesson on the most historic roadways in the USA

Trucking Industry Statistics: Outlook and Trends for Employment – Views of the upcoming need for more drivers in the trucking industry

Tips and Tricks for Cooking on the Road – Easy to follow advice for eating better and saving money on the road

Fuel Saving Tips for Trucks – Improving the bottom line by getting more mileage out of your truck

History of Tonka Trucks – The true story behind one of the most famous toys in America

The Coolest Construction Toys – An overview of the construction toys that are popular with the current generation of children

First Aid and CPR Training Resources – A guide to help you prepare for common health emergencies that can occur in workplaces

Fun Trucking Facts – Interesting trivia about truck drivers and the trucking industry

Sleep Apnea – Definitions, Symptoms & Solutions to Treating Sleep Apnea

How America’s Oldest Highways Can Help You Predict the Future – the importance of maintaining the country’s road infrastructure, as shown by recent history

Preventing Human Trafficking: How Truckers Are Fighting The Problem – Resources to help drivers prevent dangerous crime

Dangers of The Sun: Avoiding The Dreaded Trucker’s Arm – Raising awareness about the risk of melanoma in the trucking industry

Mobile Sleep Apnea Testing for Truck Drivers – Pricing comparison table of sleep apnea screening companies

Andrew’s Truck Driving Career – How a driver went from CDL Student to a $70k/year j0b in only 2 years

Trucking Dispatchers – A comparison of independent dispatchers booking loads for trucking companies and owner operators

Truck Financing for New Owner Operators – A list of companies who provide financing for startup trucking companies

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