Yet Another Reason Not To Pick Up Hitchhikers: This One’s Wanted For Murder


We all know that picking up hitchhikers is illegal. We all know that picking up hitchhikers can be dangerous. And yet, drivers are still consistently picking up unofficial travel companions all over the country. Well here’s another reason not to.

Long Island trucker Manuel Velasco has a big heart. He picked up a hitchhiker named Charles Kelley in Tennessee on Sept. 16th and let him ride with him. When he got home, he invited Kelley in for dinner. When it got late, he let Kelley sleep in the cab of his truck. This went on for 4 days until Velasco was pulled over for not paying the toll for a bridge and he found out that Kelley was wanted for forgery, theft, and murder.

Officer Steve Pisciotta pulled Velasco over and started writing him a ticket for not paying the toll while Officer Raymond Rodriguez began questioning Kelley. Officer Rodriguez became suspicious when Kelley was acting strange. First he said that he was a co-worker of Velasco’s, but he kept changing his story. When the officers ran a background check, they found that Kelley was on the lamb. In addition to his theft and forgery charges, he was wanted for allegedly bludgeoning one of his friends to death with a baseball bat.

When asked why he had been so quick to trust the man, Velasco replied “All I did was try to help him out, like I’d do for anyone,” and that he hadn’t know about the crimes. He went on to say that the 52-year-old Kelley had told him that he had four kids at home, and was currently looking for employment after having been recently laid off.

When police conducted a search of the vehicle, they found a knife in the glove box which Velasco said did not belong to him. He was lucky, and did not have any charges filed against him except for the ticket issued for not paying the toll. He was even luckier though that his new-found “friend” hadn’t had yet found a reason to use the knife.


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  1. AlexCanada says

    I picked up a hitchhiker at one of the service areas along hwy 401 in Ontario, Canada. I looked him over before I responded, he was young, looked smaller and weaker than I was, there was an air of desperation on his face, so I put aside my guard and took him along for the next 400 miles. I fed him. He was dirty, smelled of urine etc, but that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that he was trying to sell me bulshit. His story didn’t jive, he was reciting stuff as if it was rehearst. Never thanked me for the food and drink. It was as if he expected it anyway. I couldn’t wait to get where we were going, didn’t want to just kick him out in the middle of nowhere. When we got to Mississauga truck stop, he looked surprised and then angry that I said good bye and good luck. I don’t know what else he expected. I didn’t get a thank you nor a “kiss my ass asshole”, just silence and this wild look that put shivers down my spine. Never again my friends. I don’t care if its a woman standing by a broken down car. This sucker will not stop for anybody, unless its a truck driver calling for help.

  2. Dylan says

    My father told me he was sitting in his cab one night when some guy pulled up in a car in front of him. The man had no business being there. The guy got out and started walking towards the truck. My dad told him to get back in his car but he kept walking. So my dad started the engine like he was gonna run him over. He got back in his car and took off.

  3. charles eubanks (The Fireman) says

    We have all had a lapse of judgement. I remember my first solo run 23 yrs ago . I had a load of boxed meat from Ks to Newark NJ. I had been listening to christian radio all the way and was in a very happy and trusting mood. Close to the delivery point I was waved down at the corner by two young men I thought were lumpers.They told me they were warning drivers of a low clearance and I needed a alterate route. Anyway I let them my truck to “guide” me safely to the receiver. Fortunately all they wanted was to be paid for their little scam and alternate route. After circling a block or two the price was $50. I earnestly intended to go call in a com check but when I got close to the guard shack they bailed out while I was moving. I called home that night and said I had petted a rattlesnake that day.

  4. Kwam says

    Picking up people needing a ride is not wrong. What if the person’s car broke down and the person started to wrong 15 mins before you pass by? This can be anyone. Some of us will help people no matter the danger. Life it’s self is a gamble.

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