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What is a flatbed truck?
A flatbed truck is a semi-truck pulling an open deck trailer that has no roof or side panels and typically used for transporting industrial freight. The versatility of this trailer is in the many options that you have with loading freight, from the tip, on the sides, to the rear of the trailer or the whole bed. This simple trailer design allows for quick loading and unloading of goods. Flatbed trucking jobs typically involve hauling industrial goods such as construction materials and equipment, oversized loads, mobile homes, military equipment, generators, mining/drilling equipment and more. These trailers are extremely common and used for their adaptability and ease of use.
Does flatbed trucking pay more?
As flatbed trucking jobs are some of the most common trucking jobs available and needed, the average salary is around $61,000 a year. The national yearly average for a truck driver is $43,000, while the top 10% of drivers earn around $65,000 a year. This makes flatbed trucking one of the more lucrative jobs for a driver.
What do flatbed drivers do?
The main responsibilities for a flatbed trucking job are the loading and unloading of freight, making sure the load is secure and protected, and how to correctly cover a load in tarp if needed. Understanding how to plan optimal routes and making on time deliveries at a predetermined time. Drivers will also be handling paperwork, working with customers by answering questions and sometimes collecting payment from them.
How much do Truck Drivers make in Kokomo, IN?
The average salary of a CDL truck driver in Kokomo, IN is $79,167 per year or $1,522 per week. CDL truck drivers can make anywhere from $67,860 to $102,752 depending on where they are driving and how many hours per week they are driving.