10 Early Symptoms of Dementia: Be Aware of Subtle Signs

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by Chinatown, Oct 13, 2019.

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    Ive already swept the decks and sorted what kind of person I intend to be at that point. (Nurses would wear ship and haul her wind full and bye hoping I am not the right cut for that kind of chasing which will take a while) If she is really fast she might even set the sail onto a beam reach known as the "Devils Reach" because sometimes depending on the sea if you don't keep a eye on that spar the devil takes it and breaks it off for hisself.

    The biggest ever will be the Pinky and the Brain plotting. I best memories all of that while the remembeing is still possible.
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    There's no need to take vitamin D supplements, just go outside. Your body manufactures D in hair follicles the same way plants perform photosynthesis. Vitamin D is best known for its assistance in absorbing calcium, which is why it is added to milk.
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    Oct 20, 2018
    looks like valid suggestions for a traffic jam. Pretty sure I've seen at least 2 of those around the city...
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    You know guys....how to put this....purchase long-term care insurance now.

    Medicare has no provisions for dementia/simple aging-related issues.

    Unless you have long-term care insurance one of two things will happen to you once you hit the decline

    If you live alone, you will be stripped of all your assets and placed in a nursing home.

    If you live with family, they will be forced to take care of you because Medicare considers them full caregivers.

    My father-in-law and his sister stroked out within two weeks of each other just over two years ago. Neither one of them had long-term care insurance. FiL got aggressive and lost his balance, so he's in a home. Aunt is still sweet - nothing else, she talks to walls and thinks her purse is a baby - so she lives with us.

    FiL had to go into home because his wife - considered by Medicare to be the equivalent of a 24 hour nurse - couldn't deal with him.

    Aunt recieves no help at all outside of 8 hours bathing a month from Humana because Medicare considers my wife and I to be full-time caregivers first, parents and employed adults second.

    Get long term care. Your assets and relationships are worthless without it. Both will go away the second you lose your mind and/or hurt yourself.

    P.S - thanks for reading my depressing blog post
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    first image isn’t a hobby, it’s called alimony, you bought it, paid for it and now Antonio is enjoying it, second one is basically a weekend with friends that start off with “ hold my beer”, the third is basically escaping reality all together to be a permanent member cast of Ready Slayer One.
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    I just read the list, seems I’ve had dementia for at least 15 yrs already. I’ll just keep it on the down low. Too many well meaning people may decide what’s best for Me. Might have to run off to the hills, to live out my last days. Escaping from the Nursing home, stealing a car, some supplies and faking my death. No apologies here. They’ll never take Me alive. Lol. Oh Man, I’m killing it. Look out, there he goes!!!
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    They say...loss of memory ...is the 1st thing that comes with old age...I can't remember what the 2nd thing is
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