10 year old MC Number for sale

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  1. bubbaford01

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    Jun 13, 2013
    Clean CSA, been with my factoring company for 8 years and I pay around 2%, Clean insurance record with low rates through Great West via Goods Insurance

    I can include my Pre ELD Freightliner with that has less than 80k miles on the rebuilt engine (I have pics of it being built from the block up, and can let you speak with the man that rebuilt it all. New AC compressor and evaporator, new rear ends, new springs, new transmission, new radiator, new windshield, new 120 fuel tanks, new air compressor, all new tires much more.

    Sale can include my 2005 International with all new tires

    Sale can include my two vans road ready with new tires, drums, breaks, etc...

    Sale can include my 2 acre drop yard near Augusta GA, it has a 60 foot wide culvert driveway

    Selling because I wanted to give it to my son, but he joined the Army heartbroken over a girlfriend, and I am building a mini Strip mall and moving on out of trucking.
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    Feb 8, 2015
    Any info on the pre eld freightliner? Would you sell it separately? Thanks
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