2003 Jeep Liberty 4x4 Sport in Buffalo, NY

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    2003 Liberty, V-6, 4x4, all the usual equipment (AC, PW, PDL, PM, CD, Cruise, ect). 66,7xx miles. Always well cared for. This is my grandpas truck and except a small piece of broken plastic on the passenger mirror it is in awesome shape. Typical "old man" vehicle. No CEL on or anything bad.

    I would like to say it's smooth all the way up to 80 but it never seems to break 50. [​IMG]

    Interior is clean with no cracks or stains. Paint has no scratches. Tires are good.

    The only reason for the sale is he decided to treat himself to a frivolous pick-up truck purchase and he fell in love with a 2009 Tacoma. Since he barely drives as it is anymore, he doesn't need two vehicles.

    KBB is $8500. Edmunds says $8750. Asking price is $8000.

    Engine running, shows mileage and no check engine light.

    The rest are just the Jeep.



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    Nice post, good pics! That should sell I bet.
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