2012 KW T660 Blower motor problems

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    May 14, 2013
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    Hello everyone,

    I am having trouble with my blower motor not blowing as strong as it should in my truck. I have replaced the blower motor and both fans and also the blower motor resistor behind the panel underneath the glove box. I have also sealed up the box on the firewall so no air is leaking out of it into the engine bay.

    All that being said, it seems to blow hard for half a second when I first switch it to high, then goes back to almost nothing. This morning I shut the truck off for about 10 minutes and when I fired it back up it blew hard for about 20 seconds and then went back to almost nothing.

    Is there another resistor or a relay or something that I am missing? I cannot find a relay on the fuse panel on the drivers side near driver's left foot, is there one somewhere else that I can replace? Is there a component inside the blower motor housing that needs replaced?

    I am getting a little frustrated with this, when it gets cold it will barely defrost the windshield enough for me to drive the truck and I have to use the sleeper heat to stay warm.

    Thanks for the help....
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