2013 Holiday Rambler with MAXXFORCE 10 Just Dies out of the blue.

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Chris Arntz, Oct 1, 2022.

  1. Chris Arntz

    Chris Arntz Bobtail Member

    Apr 23, 2022
    Last April in the Indio Ca area, we were leaving the area and making our way home. We got about 30 miles out and all of a sudden the engine just dies. We pulled over and I notice the upside down Amber light. Through DIAG the code was SNP 679 FMI 4. I talked to a mechanic and he told be to disconnect the battery for 30 mins to clear the computer and see if it starts.. Well it stated and so we headed back to Indio. Down highway 10 it died again, and somehow using my exhaust brakes started again.. Well I made it to Dillon rd, and it died again.. So tried the same thing with the battery and got it going again.. Finally made it back to our Lot at Outdoor Resort Indio... Anyway I had a mechanic try to pin point it for a couple of times, doing test runs while he ran diags.. But never figured it out. He was able to run a Force Parked Regen, and it completed that no problem.. Anyway we ran our of time, and so we the left coach at our lot all summer.. Now we're back at Indio waiting on another mechanic to show.. He's been sick. Anyway I looked up the code SPN 679 FMI 4 - IPR Open or short to GND Fault Overview Fault code sets when Engine Control Module (ECM) detects Injection Pressure Regulation (IPR) valve frequency is less than 100 Hz. Lamp Reaction Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will illuminate when this fault is detected during one trip. Associated Faults None Fault Facts None Drive Cycle to Determine Fault Status Initial Key ON Possible Causes l IPR circuit Open or shorted to GND l IPR PWR circuit Open l Failed IPR valve

    So I bought a new IPR value and hoping that does the trick... But has anyone ran into this before ?

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  3. Heavyd

    Heavyd Road Train Member

    Feb 4, 2009
    The connector at the IPR usually has spread pins that become loose to cause issues like this. It could be the IPR itself too, so if you choose to replace it, make sure the connector gets replaced too. There are connector end kits for these.
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  4. Inderjit

    Inderjit Medium Load Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    There is an updated IPR that comes with a pigtail on it and a replacement connector
    for the harness. It solves the connector connectivity issue. Its a pain to
    install the new connector and its polarity sensitive. It definitely sounds like an IPR issue.
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