2015 KW T270 whistle and loss power uphill

Discussion in 'Kenworth Forum' started by Navigatorpirate, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. Navigatorpirate

    Navigatorpirate Bobtail Member

    Mar 14, 2021
    Orange County
    Hello everyone! Maybe I can find right advice about this issue. I have 2015 T270 expedite truck, paccar px9/cummins ISL9 350hp. 5000 miles ago def/egr was off and 1000 miles ago dpf filter was drilled. I noticed on the road today - probably turbocharger making unusual whistling noise when taking off gas pedal. Whistle only in motion, while idle everything ok. Besides it feels little bit loss of power uphill (empty/loaded). What it need to check first before I’ll go to rebuild a turbocharger? Thanks
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