2015 up to date KLLM ruined FFE, no good snake in the grass company enuf said.

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  1. Amun ra

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    Dec 3, 2014
    Yep baby Stubbs and his henchman ( former conway executives ) destroyed FFE. Got rid of A lot of veteran drivers who were on dedicated runs who operated on % contracts. Got rid of A lot of corporate personnel and replaced them with yes men including terminal managers who had years of relationships with the customers in their region. Not kllm fault. They saved FFE,who were within weeks of closing the doors. The Duff Bros even paid their
    Past due multi million dollar balance with bridgestone, who threatened to sue them prior to closing the deal. It was Joe Jaskas who really ruined FFE. Russell Stubbs just allowed him to do it.
    Stubbs had no real interest in actually running the company. I know, I'm a former driver who was there for almost 10 years. I was run off because Jaskas wanted to put teams on the short leg runs after the Duff Bros. started questioning why freight wasn't being moved fast enough ( not my run ). Replacement drivers are not as good nor do they care. Jaskas is no longer there. DUFFS figured out who the real problem was. Too late for me tho. 100% truth.
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    Oct 17, 2017
    Shay English ruined FFE!!!!!!
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