2017 Pete 579

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    Nov 14, 2011
    I had to give my truck up. It's nice. Currently up for auction on the 15th.
    I am not gaining anything just thought it would make someone a nice truck at a decent price. Only being advertised in KC newspaper so basically only truck lots will bid on it so it likely go cheap
    Has tens of thousands in new parts on it recently.
    Engine & after treatment harness 13k. 3 months ago.
    DEF pump , pressure reduction pipe, outlet Nox sensor and another exhaust pipe part over 10k last month.
    Hi pressure fuel pump.
    Inlet NOX sensor.
    Fuel pressure sensor.
    Upgraded CCV spinner. 8 month wait list to get one .
    Battery APU
    Navigation and backup camera. Collision system.
    New cooper 14 ply steers.
    Water pump
    Nice clean always covered up nectar gel mattress 750.00.
    Big tool box on back.
    It is at Arrow Trucks Sales KC, MO. VIN 389645.
    It's dirty as I haul grain and I doubt they bothered washing it. But here is a recent pic and it looks just as good now.

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