2022 PJ 32’ flatbed (complete HS setup)

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    Apr 4, 2022
    Due to ongoing physical injuries from my military days, I cannot continue working hotshot/flatbed. I want to see someone else be able to take my brand new, complete setup and be successful in carrying that torch. The trailer is always stored out of the elements/under cover when not in use.

    •2022 PJ 32’ gooseneck flatbed (27’+5’)
    •Bought in May 2022 (used for ~3500 miles)
    •New gooseneck design
    •GVWR 24999
    •Dual 12k Dexter axles
    •Mega Ramps
    •EoH brakes

    upgrades include:
    •14 ply tires
    •Sliding ratchet winch rail
    •Chain box
    •Underside toolbox (36”)
    •Dunnage rack
    •Sealed/stained wood deck

    Extras included:
    •3/8” binders (8 each)
    •5/16” chains, 30’ length, grade 70 (8 each)
    •4” ratchet straps (16 each)
    •4” ratchet straps with chain ends (4 each)
    •2” ratchet straps (8 each)
    •Edge protectors, 4” plastic, (30 each)
    •Corner protectors, plastics (20 each)
    •Edge protectors, 4” rubber, (40 each)
    •Pocket stakes, 4’ (4 each)
    •Dunnage pocket stakes, 4”x4” (4 each)
    •Rubber bungee cords, 12” (50 each)
    •chock blocks (2 each)

    I have a few other random items that are in my home garage that I would include.

    Location: San Antonio, TX
    Price: $25,000

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