22 year old, Newcastle, Au, looking to break into the industry

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    Aug 5, 2018
    G'day all,
    I'm a young bloke who's been kicking around jobs since school trying to find a path. Recently I've been working for linfox driving the small woolworths trucks around town doing home deliveries. My ultimate goal is to one day drive longer haul HC/MC stuff. My question is basically how should I go about gaining the necessary experience to progress in the industry. I'm liking my job at the moment but was thinking maybe I should look into getting my MR license asap and a new job driving a real truck. Should I continue with what I'm doing for a while longer, as it's decent delivery/multi drop experience I guess, or look into getting my MR licence and a suitable job as fast as possible. I completely understand how tough of an industry this can be to crack into and how much experience will be required to get where I want to go, just looking for advice on how best to go about it.
    Thanks in advance, Josh.
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    Hey Bloke we got a fella just come up on a transfer from Newcastle to North QLD anyways back to your question about starting out you first get your licence you may even be able to claim any subsequent training and the licence fee as a tax deductible item providing you start working as a driver best way I've found to get a start is sign up with the temp agencies like Labourforce, Able Placements however by all means apply for any direct jobs with transport companies the thing is with the agencies they are all used by the big name companies such as Linfox and Tolls so the idea being they'll see how you perform your duties and i reckon its better than a resume and they may and will hire you in the future once you feel confident driving smaller trucks as i did driving 9 tonne volvo's for Linfox when they had the Coca Cola contract out at Northmead then progress to your HC licence. By the way before i left to go drive for Millers in the USA i used to have a regional run up to Newcastle every day we used to deliver McCains frozen chips boy you guys sure love your chips and i found the Novacastrians the most friendliest of all towns i've been to.
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