29 M NH 1.5 EXP Looking for a Team Driving

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    Aug 24, 2019
    Hello Title says it all I'm 29 I'm from NH and Ive got 1.5 Years experience Verifyable (License for 5 Years) Mostly with 10 Speed Floating gears Driven 18 and can drive it but havent gotten use to floating in them just yet but obv wouldnt be hard seen as i know how to do it in a 10 (I DONT WANT TO BE DRIVING NO ####### TRUCK EITHER) Been only on East Cost NH/ME/MA/VT/CT Dealing with snow is no issue for me as Im use to it Would like to team up with a Owner Operator OTR/Local is fine would like to get back home @ most every 2 weeks due to i have 2 kids have experience with Dry-Van/Flatbed/Reefer Most my experience tho is with Dry-van LTL I'm clean cut as you can see Take showers Daily I do smoke(NOT CHAIN SMOKER) but willing to Vape if that makes it better,I'm extremely Easy to get along with. Would perf Female but I'm not against Male either (I AM STRAIGHT) sorry have to put that but need to make it clear I'm not into that I'm looking for something around $1500-2000+ Take home every week! MVR is Decent Past 3 Years record looks like- Got Ticket in CT Left lane passing someone driving falling asleep cop didn't wanna hear it and got me for $75 he wanted the money right there but didn't do it and i didn't wanna drive 3 hrs down to go-to court for a petty thing(2017),and 1 Person use of cellphone in car(2016)

    I still have a-lot to learn to I would like to have someone that's been in the game longer then i have!

    Endorsements- Tanker
    (Just went for finger printing for hazmat) Will have that as long as everything comes back good with fingerprinting
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