2A and delivering to federal facilities?

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    The whole point of using SMG is that they are an FFL. They can provide a label to ship a firearm because they are already approved with UPS. They don't charge a transfer fee because they are never actually in possession of the gun like a local FFL would be so it never has to enter their log book. The only hitch with them is that they can only ship it to another FFL because they never received it from you in the first place.

    If you were to just look up a random FFL and try to do it there they would require a lot more information. Chances are they are going to charge you a transfer fee to log it into their books, then charge you a shipping fee to package it and ship to your home dealer. Then you will have to go to your dealer at home and fill out another 4473 and wait for it to clear before getting your firearm back. A lot of stores will charge transfer fees of anywhere from $25-$75. So pay that on both ends plus the shipping cost. UPS and FedEx require firearms to ship next day air. They do not want them around any longer than needed.

    The best option if you want to use a service like SMG is to make friends with a local FFL near your home. Get setup with them ahead of time so they know you and maybe will even give you a deal on the transfer fee. I have a guy locally that will transfer any non NFA item for me for $25. No matter where I buy it from or have it shipped from.

    Just keep a box in your truck with you and if you need to ship it home drop the gun in the box, print off a label, and then drop it at UPS. Since you already have the label they won't even ask what's in the box.

    When I checked their website SMG was only $19.99 for the label including insurance. Pretty cheap way to handle it.

    If you don't want to ship it and just want a local FFL to hold it they are still likely going to charge you a transfer fee at least once and very likely make you fill out a 4473 to pick it back up. They absolutely do not want to give a gun to somebody who isn't supposed to have it even if you gave it to them in the first place.
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    Oct 31, 2023
    From your response it's clear you think a third party is exempt from Federal laws.

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    Keep the weapon in it's holster. Then you don't have to worry about FFL or SMG or any other letters. ;)
  5. haz-matguru

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    Feb 18, 2012
    20231213_102311.jpg Some regular locations might have signs and some don't. As for military installations it could be the same depending on what gate you enter.

    If delivering or picking up to a dept of energy location. It could be the same with the signs. As far as federal facilities. Most drivers will mainly pick up or deliver at military installations. But rarely it could be something like a U.S. oil reserve or Dept of Energy location.

    There is a saying in the Navy "Loose Lips, Sink Ships."

    Others will never know what you have or what ever if you don't speak about it. Im an Afghan & Iraq war vet. But I dont walk around with those veterans hats on. I only pull out my I.D. when I'm at a register for the vet discount.

    If you dont go around telling people how you caught the clap. Or if you don't tell people how you had to change underwear because you were 2 mins too late getting to the rest room. Then carrying your firearm should be the same. All I'm saying is dont telegraph to others. Some things are best if they are kept to yourself.

    I've been to several places in the past. And never mentioned it. I've been to several places that searched the truck or either x-rayed the truck. They didn't say anything, and I surely didn't say anything. But this was back when I first went otr and also local. I carried because I would go to some bad areas. And I wasn't willing to get robbed for the cash that I would pick up from customers.

    Once again I've never heard of a driver getting into anything if it was found. Or spoke of having it. But to be clear 9 out of 10 that carry also have their license with them.
  6. Ridgeline

    Ridgeline Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    just a suggestion, maybe it will work, maybe not.

    I know of a driver who carries and he does a lot of government loads.

    What he does is this, he has four containers, all with locks and all kept empty in the cab.

    When he knows he is going to a facility that does not allow firearms he will disassemble the weapon, put different parts in each box and the boxes are secured in different parts of the truck. One is kept in the toolbox outside the truck, another is put in the APU box and two others are in the cab and sleeper.

    The definition of a firearm varies a bit under federal law, if disassembled, it could be the frame or firing mechanism. In his case, he has a Sig-Sauer which he takes the firing mechanism and throws into his fridge with his steaks in a tinfoil wrapper. He told me he has yet to have an issue because these parts and not considered a firearm. He said he had been inspected at one Navy base where they asked him if he had a firearm and he said no, but they saw the boxes and there were all the parts in it to make a partial firearm, they could not do anything about it, these were parts, not a firearm.
  7. tscottme

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    Truck Driver Arrested Over Secured Firearm At Fort Drum

    As I said in a very early post. What some truck driver experienced in 1978 in Texas has NO BEARING on bringing your pistol to a military base in 2023, not after several on-post shooting events. Nobody saying "don't worry about it" will bail you out or give you a driving job when your company fires you on the spot for an unauthorized pistol IN THEIR TRUCK. The consequences for ignoring the rules, regulations, policies, and laws at the exact spot your gun is discovered will not fall only on drivers that agree to accept them. Not knowing what you are walking into will not prevent you from getting arrested or fired and all of us online people can afford to be pretty adventurous with someone else's career, money, liberty. Make choices like the consequences are important. Get you legal gun advice from lawyers that practice gun law. It's their job to be correct about the answer.
  8. RockinChair

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    Feb 19, 2012
    CC, TX
    From the article:
    I know that was a rhetorical question but I'm going to answer it. I'm not an attorney, but I can read English and use common sense. National reciprocity is mandated by the "full faith and credit" clause in Article IV Section 1 of the Constitution which reads as follows:
    It's the reason why states have to honor each other's driver's licenses, marriage licenses, etc. but for some reason no court has ever forced them to recognize each other's handgun licenses.
  9. gentleroger

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    Jun 1, 2010
    It's more like a fishing permit - just because I have a WI license doesn't mean Tennessee has to allow me to fish willy nilly.

    And plenty of other things aren't recognized across state lines - gambling debts, adoptions, employment contracts.
  10. haz-matguru

    haz-matguru Road Train Member

    Feb 18, 2012
    I recorded a video of a well armed driver the same day you posted this in Indiana. The guy had a pistol on the right. A big can of bear mace on the left. Along with a taser and a big bowie knife. But it says the file is too large to add here.

    However I'm sure the guy was LICENSED. When I say I've never heard of a driver getting arrested for a firearm. Im referring to a LICENSED firearm carrying driver. I dont agree with open carrying. But some feel that a State Government has no right to permit them to carry. And that the 2A doesn't say anything about a license. But thats another thing there.

    When a driver has a firearm and a CHL. Then he or she tends not to have a problem. But not having a license tends to result in an arrest. I know a driver that had a firearm in the truck out in the open. And it was seen by MP's when he went up past the gate for inspection. The MP's held him in cuffs and called the local police. Once on the scene the officers asked the MP's whats the problem. They told the officers that they found a firearm during the search. Officers then ask the driver did he have a firearm license. Once it was produced the officers told the MP's we're done here. No law was violated. MP's then allowed him to deliver and get his firearm back on the way out. This way May2023.

    Now I'm not saying that its ok. But all facilities aren't the same on that. From branch to branch or from the type of Govt agency it is. Some have signage posted well before you enter. Some may not.

    My old lady went to the VA hospital ER. In witch she had her firearm in her purse. The ended up admitted her in to the hospital. Witch she told them once they were taking her clothes and such. So they took it, did an inventory form and put it in an evidence box. She then got it from the lieutenant of the VA police after being dismissed the next day. After showing him the firearm license.

    However there are some military installations and other government agencies that thats a no go. And as far as the trucking companies. 97% of them don't want firearms in there trucks at all. And if asked they will say no. Call the police if something happens. I only know of 9 that allow it.

    But I never had an issue in the mid 2000's at any installations. I've been through searches, x-rays, dogs and etc. And no security guard or MP has ever arrested me. I've since left those two companies that had me in bad areas to have to carry in the first place.

    I wasn't even alive in 1978. Im speaking to more currently. But for those that I know that carry daily when making deliveries on military or other federal government locations. If it becomes a problem thats on them. But it hasn't been so far.
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  11. tscottme

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    The Dept of Defense doesn't forget about the various shooting rampages that have happened on-base. Pre- 9/11 America and post 9/11 America are not the same place.

    If you carry a gun "chanting I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6" (or 10) doesn't make you immune from current reality. In short, not knowing about the specifics at a location you have never been to while carrying an otherwise legal gun doesn't exempt you from consequences. "If I don't know about the danger than it can't be dangerous" is the most common reply to gun questions. It's not a wise answer. We each drive around alone and become experts in our own minds because we win every imaginary discussion while alone. That doesn't change the rules before we get to a location. Each location has their own rules. Everyone is free to bet their freedom on the way things were X years ago. The law is not just logical conclusions based on general knowledge. Have a plan of what to do if you carry a gun and get sent somewhere that doesn't allow them. Have a plan if you are suddenly unconscious and sent to the hspital and your company comes to collect your truck and personal belongings. Not having a plan doesn't make the 30 seconds just before some unexpected event happens into your best thinking moment. Know before you go, or don't.
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