3 car wedge trailer and dually truck. Just got my own authority

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    Mar 26, 2020
    I already have my dot # . just on waiting period for mc # to activate. Well, I'm new to the business and have 2 years experience with my cdl A. I'm a new owner operator starting up . I'll be working for myself. I've heard that with new authority. It's almost impossible for brokers to give me a load. recommendations?
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    Earn big without the rig with high-paying truck driving opportunities in Bennett’s DriveAway Pickup division! If you have a pickup truck that’s one ton or greater that can handle one unit at a time OR up to three-unit combinations with our haul-and-tow vehicles, you can be your own boss while getting paid to see this great country.
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    Sign up on Central Dispatch. Make a bunch of calls. Be ready to run. Have insurance agent ready to provide certs. Make contact as you PU and DEL. Reach out to local dealers. Keep yourself and your equipment clean and serviceable. Good luck. Tks
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    I like seeing you guys giving new entrants good intel. I have seen some people not listen to good information. Starting out I was told stuff that was fake. I try to give good direction when I have the opportunity. When I see someone is not hearing I try a little firmer. After a while you don’t see them on here.
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