30+lbs to lose in 60 days while driving team

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    Nov 14, 2012

    Well, I had a week off with the wife and kids and I cheated on my meals like crazy. Pizza, ice cream, Mexican food, the works. It was all delicious! I packed on 4 lbs during that week; probably just water weight, but still the scale went up.

    Back on the road with my team partner and I went keto the 1st week, but I due to my constant cheating and increased metabolism (playing with the kids will make your body scream for calories), I couldn't fast for longer than 12 -16 hours, not the 20 or so I was accustomed to. I still managed to do 2 full pull ups so my strength increase wasn't gone.

    Here's what my progress status as of 6/3/19:
    Weight: 219
    Body fat %: 14
    Lean body mass: 189 lbs
    Body fat weight: 30

    Well, after a week of keto, I was up to fasting for longer periods and working out more often. I fasted for a couple 20 hour periods and up to 24 one day. I tried to work out as much as possible but recovery is more important than exercise, IMO. Still, I managed to work out 4 out of 6 days focusing on explosive movements like jumping, trying to do a push up where my upper body went airborne (doing this on an incline is just fine if you won't want to be totally horizontal with the ground, it's the explosiveness that's more important than the resistance in this case), etc...

    BTW, I done this while me and my partner drove 6,000+ miles on elogs. Yeah, let's just say that a couple of 30 minute breaks were done at rest areas and my workouts had to be pretty quick.

    Here are the results as of today, 6/10/19:
    Weight: 217
    Body fat %: 13
    Lean Body Mass: 189 Lbs
    Body fat weight: 28

    Compare that to when I first started this:
    Day 1: 3/28/19 (used a ruler)
    Weight: 225
    Body fat %: 21.97
    Body fat weight: 49.43 lbs
    Lean Body weight: 175.57 lbs

    4/8/10 (Used a caliper)
    Weight 221
    Body Fat %: 17.49
    Body fat weight: 38.6 lbs
    Lean body weight: 182.4 lbs

    That's a loss of about 21 lbs of fat and a gain of 13 lbs of muscle, all in a little over 2 months time. That's pretty impressive even by my standards.

    I keep you guys posted. Hopefully, I'll be done with this within the next couple of months and then I can just maintain. Or maybe I'll go a month and see how much muscle I can build just doing bodyweight training after I reach my body fat goal. Hmmmm....
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    Nov 14, 2012
    Well, nothing new to post. I've not made anymore real progress. Kinda got side tracked. I'm actually gaining weight but not really losing any fat. But I don't want to gain weight regardless. I want to slim down and make my muscles stronger, not necessarily bigger.

    Going to change up my workout routine, work on my endurance rather than strength for a while. Do sets of exercises for time rather than reps. I've noticed I've been too tired lately and I think it's due to my lack of endurance training because every time I get time off and work my butt off at the house, I feel better the last couple of days.

    My strength has increased substantially and I'm able to do push ups with my hands at the center of my body (still can't balance for crap though LOL), as well as being able to do 4 full, slow and steady pull ups now instead of none. So strength is no longer an issue for me.

    I've also been taking a supplement called mucuna puriens, it has an active ingredient called levodopa or L-dopa. It's supposed to increase your brain power, libido, and such. What I wanted it for was to increase my androgen receptors in my cells, which it supposedly does. I have to say, I definitely got a brain and libido boost from it, as well as great sleep.

    Problem is that after taking it every day for a month and a half, I started to feel more tired, as if my batteries were drained and my muscles had no 'umph' to them. I stopped taking it for a couple days by accident and it turned around for me. I now feel a lot better. So it was definitely at least part of the problem.

    I'll still keep it around since it took quite awhile for the negative effects to build and the near instant brain boost, as well as the libido, is too good to just throw away. We all have that need for a little boost every now and then.

    I'll keep you guys updated.
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    Nov 14, 2012
    There is one more thing I should note. I have been using a set of calipers to measure my body fat. While it is a way to track body fat, to keep track of progress, I don't think it's nearly as accurate as I first thought.

    Researching ways to measure body fat, I came across some info that looking at comparison pictures was one of the most reliable ways to measure your body fat %. Well, that's what I did and I wasn't too pleased.


    Judging from the above chart, I'm still much closer to 25% than to 14%. And yeah, I do trust this method of comparison. So, I still got a ways to go. But hey, at least I've got a better idea of where I'm at!

    However, the calipers are still a great way to measure progress and that's what I'm going to use them for. Measurements are always useful.
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    Nov 14, 2012
    I'm 6ft tall. And perhaps you're right, maybe I didn't gain that much muscle. On the other hand, I was simply regrowing them and I've heard that muscle tend to regain quite a bit faster, so who knows. One thing is for sure is that I've definitely gained in strength. I'm now able to do 3 full pull ups in one set and then do a follow up of 2 more. That's a lot of progress for a guy that couldn't do one.
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