30 Years of CRST: Some Insight For Consideration

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by milesandmilesofroad, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. milesandmilesofroad

    milesandmilesofroad Light Load Member

    Oct 9, 2013
    First let me start by saying, I am not a recruiter for this company and never will be. Secondly, I am a Owner-Operator but at one time was a company driver, then a lease driver. I've also been a driver trainer here as well.

    I wanted to give those who are here searching for info on CRST with the hopes of coming onboard CRST some insight from a veteran driver, based upon experience.

    The first thing you need to come to realize is that we are not the holy grail of companies even if recruiters paint that picture. We have issues here that other companies also have, so with that said, don't expect to have a heaven on wheels ride all the time.

    Recruiters here have one job and that's to bring people in and with that said, they may not give you all the right information, so when you arrive, expect the worse, this way, when you see things that bother you, the shock is already worn off.

    Realize that your training is going to be at a school that is contracted with CRST to provide training to you and others. CRST isn't going to mandate they have certain equipment, certain age ranges, that they are clean all the time. Your not going to ride in the rolls royce of trucks during school and probably not until you buy a truck.

    Understand this, whether the tractor is a Western Star, Volvo, Freightliner, 5 years old or 10 years old, should not matter because every tractor does the same thing, it moves, you shift gears, you back up, you dock, etc. Your going to be learning the skill sets it takes to move a 60,000 to 80,000 pound vehicle at 55 to 65 mph down the road. Your in school to learn what you need in order to do this job and it's a start, which many desperately need in this day and age.

    Your going to start at wages that seem like nothing because when you take into consideration the fact that your not getting paid by the hour but by the mile and some are accustomed to earning a decent per hour wage, anything less seems poverished. However, some fairly new drivers are making $800 to $900 a week, which is more money than most are earning in this day and age. Majority of non executives will never see $800 a week in their lives.

    Let me say this to you, you will have weeks that are crap. Miles will be down, freight is slow in the region of the country your in at a given time. You must realize that you need to take the bad with the good, it is what it is.

    Some have written here that this is a training company and CRST gets Government Subsidies for training people, well if that were true, all the other training companies would as well. Realize this, who cares at the end of the day if CRST is getting a subsidie, because your not paying up front for training, housing, bus ticket and there is a risk in taking you in because you could quit on day two. CRST is no different than any other company in Corporate America that hires inexperienced people. Training still has to take place!!!.

    CRST is a huge company with lots of drivers and trucks and is a no nonsense company. As a company they have a low tolerance level to BS!!! They are not your friend, they are your employer!!! If you get through the training and are released to drive, your expected to do your job and to follow policies and you won't win when it comes to doing anything less.

    Lack of home time is a problem for many. You have to be out weeks to get significant home time. Right or wrong, it is what it is. This is not a career for those that need to be home to hang with their home boys and home girls, go clubbing, go to the mall and shop. This is real work and can be demanding at times.

    I will say that this is not a company for a lot of folks. If your coming here just to get a license and move on, that's fine but don't express that and dont let it shine through because you will be out the door.

    From my experience I've learned this. If your a hothead and have a chip on your shoulder, you will not have a good experience here. If you have accidents you will find your existence at CRST will be short lived.

    If your constantly late, they will begin to examine closely how you operate your truck to find out why and they won't tell you and you'll find out fast that you will not be considered for anything that requires a lot of trust, meaning really good loads and opportunities.

    If you can't keep good records and logs, you'll find out the hard way, just how tough safety can be to deal with. My point in all of this is to point out that there is a price to be paid for not doing what you need to.

    It has been said that we have one of the worst safety records and I don't know about that. I will say that if your not doing pre and post trips, watching tires, watching simple things like windshield wipers, lug nut covers, monitoring brakes, reporting issues before the truck brakes down, then you will be sitting on the side of the road. You are expected to keep your truck in good working order but obviously not being a mechanic.

    Now do trucks go down just as a result of things happening outside a drivers control, yes they obviously do, and no one will ever in my experience beat a driver up over that, but not monitoring tires and failing a DOT Roadside or weigh station inspection is all on you, it's your fault not anyone else's.

    Not getting reimbursed for expenses happens, but it's your responsibility to handle your business and your truck as a business even if your a company driver and be on top of it.

    As an experienced driver, I will say that you need to understand this is no 9 to 5 gig, it's stressful, it's more than getting in and driving, it's more than just a job.

    Being at CRST is not a gift, it's an opportunity to work and support yourself and a family at a time in your life where such opportunities are not readily available. Just know going in that hundreds and hundreds of drivers, lease operators and owner operators roll day in and day out, year after year that have none of the problems and issues others come here and talk about.

    Keep that fact in mind when you think about passing on CRST.
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  3. dennisroc

    dennisroc Road Train Member

    Oct 9, 2013
    Anjung-Ri, South Korea
    I appreciate all info I get on here but also take it for what it is. People hate their company and people like their company. I think most companies are pretty much the same. It's funny the other day I was watching a Youtube video about a company I have been thinking about for a while as being something that just might work for me. Every thing was good and then in a post after the video it had a lot of negative things about the company.

    So I am still looking at other companies and still interested in this company because I feel like a lot of people had a negative attitude because of something they did and not what the company did.

    I don't expect everything to be perfect but I do expect things to be as a recruiter says.
    I hear when you go for training there is 3 people to a room and no fridge or microwave. I'm not sure if this is true but if it is, it sucks. This makes me want to look at other companies but maybe they are even worse so who knows.

    Maybe CRST has a private hotel close by, I can have my car there and pay myself. I am just saying personally these stories make me want to check elsewhere. I hear a lot of bad things about the hotel CR England uses and a lot of negative things about them but cant say for sure.
    I also hear people talking about going a long way for training and after a few days they are asked to leave because they are not cutting it. Is this true, that would make me think twice about a company. Everyone needs a fair chance.

    Being a newbie and very interested in becoming a driver is hard when you see all the companies and all the pros and cons for them. Every time I read something good then a few minutes later I read just the opposite.

    So confusing but I just keep looking :)
  4. milesandmilesofroad

    milesandmilesofroad Light Load Member

    Oct 9, 2013
    Negatives are a result of people's negative actions. If you whine and complain, then expect others to treat you negative.

    While I stated I would never be a recruiter for CRST that goes for any company. I feel that recruiters are told to follow a certain protocol that I would have trouble fitting into.

    Recruiters are doing a job but very few if any have been drivers and don't know what it's like. CRST is overall a really good company. Look at the customer base and keep in mind that compared to other companies we get the fewest negatives.
  5. dennisroc

    dennisroc Road Train Member

    Oct 9, 2013
    Anjung-Ri, South Korea
    Do you know anything about CRST hauling the golf carts all over US and Canada, that sounds like a good job ?
  6. inandoutoftrouble

    inandoutoftrouble Road Train Member

    Sep 20, 2012
    Wichita KS
    Does CRST have company solo drivers, or do they have to team up with a team driver?
  7. Florida Playboy

    Florida Playboy Road Train Member

    Dec 19, 2012

    Team only.
  8. driverdriver

    driverdriver Road Train Member

    May 30, 2011
    I worked there for a year l/o and found it to be the worst company I've ever delt with. As far as accedents I'd watch out for those trucks this place has 8 to 16 accidents/incidences per day running reds to rear enders to sideswiping were the most recurring that I saw on the Daly fleet wide stats that come out on the Qualcomm. I seriously caution anyone to go to work there. By the the way they'll even let someone with as little as 8 months train other drives. I seriously believe the op has to be a dispatcher or recruiter. Most every driver I spoke with were starving doing a lot of sitting. Crst does have as much freight as might suspect. I will say there is a hand full of drivers that do OK there and I do mean a just a hand full. You follow do what you want but I can tell you there is probably a95% chance your going to feel like you made a massive mistake.
  9. andre

    andre Medium Load Member

    Feb 10, 2008
    Jacksonville, FL
    Wasn't it a CRST thread where the driver trainer wrecked his truck and threw the lady onto the floor of his truck from the top bunk? "A deer ran out in front of me." Har! And she had serious issues getting in touch with her husband who was training in another truck because basically the driver manager was either too busy or just didn't care? And the driver trainer started stalking her?

    Yeah, CRST sounds like a real stand-up company. If you have issues with CRST, it must be you. Or just SOP in the industry. Couldn't possibly be CRST.
  10. TruckDuo

    TruckDuo Road Train Member

    Oct 21, 2012
    Chicago, IL
    This is the funniest post.

    Did CRST pay you guys to post these essays ?

    Something is really off about this thread
  11. select stay

    select stay Light Load Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    greeley co
    no it was randy kockbelly who was stalking women now he stalks them at jbs carriers
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