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    Jun 26, 2013
    Something different perhaps. Different kind of "team". I am looking for a good solo driver that values free time more than money.

    I want to drive solo OTR for 5 weeks and then fly back home for 5 weeks. Take all of my stuff out of the truck before I go home, bobtail to a storage location and put it in there. Fly back home with my carry-on only. I fly home, you fly in, take your stuff out of storage, put it in the truck, drive for 5 weeks, take your stuff out of the truck, go home. I fly back into O'Hare, put my stuff in the truck and drive for 5 weeks. Then afterwards we do it all over again. This way the truck keeps rolling all the time and we have time to have a life.

    I am a company driver. 9 years experience, clean MVR, hazmat + tanker endrosments.
    Looking to drive a nice new, well equipped Volvo with I-shift on very long runs - Chicago - Los Angeles, California - Florida or something similar. 1500 or more miles one way. Run 3500+ miles per week with at least 70 cents per mile. There are plenty of jobs like that in Chicago we just need to find a company worth working with. Perhaps we could think about leasing a truck together after a while if this would work for you.

    Looking to make $2100-2800 per week when driving and $0 per week when home.

    If this sounds interesting - get in touch.
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