A Day in the Life of a Fuel Hauler

Discussion in 'Tanker, Bulk and Dump Trucking Forum' started by GasHauler, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. REO6205

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    Feb 15, 2014
    That's great advice.
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  3. AZBL

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    Jul 23, 2017
    Peoria, AZ
    Thank you for the great advise! Would you have any recommendations on where to potentially look for a local trucking job that would let me gain a year or two of experience? I've tried to research ways to gain experience but most of the jobs are all OTR for new drivers. Thank you again!
  4. GasHauler

    GasHauler Master FMCSA Interpreter

    Oct 23, 2005
    Look for the gas haulers. Anywhere you see white above ground storage tanks most likely you'll find trucks loading gasoline. Find the office and go in and explain what you have said here. Tell them you want to make a career of hauling gasoline. Let them know that hauling gasoline is not just a truck driving job but a delivery job required to know not only the truck but the products as well. Everything about the job appeals to you and you can see yourself retiring from such a job.
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  5. Will303

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    Jun 7, 2021
    Hey, I'm seeing you're from colorado as I am. I've been trying to go to solar for like 2 weeks but it's almost impossible with the lady in hr. She doesn't give a #### and doesn't care if you message her. She's always busy. It it great to work for Solar here in Denver? She has offered me the night shift from 4pm to 4am? Do you know how long I would take to get a day shift
  6. Pamela1990

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    Nov 7, 2021
    B.C. Canada
    4 pm to 4 am sounds wonderful.
    Why not do it, get seniority over the years by being the best driver there.
    And if you still want that 4 am to 4 pm shift in the future, earn it the good old fashioned way.
    Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
    Make yourself valuable to them, not just another ho-hum driver.
    Almost anyone can drive a truck, but few are that top 1% of drivers. My goal since the first time I climbed behind the wheel was to be in that top 1%, not just another seat filler. Don't be spam in a can, be filet mignon.
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  7. Will303

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    Jun 7, 2021
    Because I hate working at night and its cold in denver but I just might. I like that quote, Don't be spam in a can, be filet mignon. Im going to steal it
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