A fair report on Star. 2 years in.

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    That reminds me of my first job. I was told 40 hours Monday-Friday plus "half time" on Saturday. I was 17 and didn't understand, thought it meant time and a half, but with all the deductions coming out of the check before I got it, they weren't listed on it, and I didn't see.

    Turns out the boss was taking the Saturday pay and giving the workers "half" time, and himself the "full" time, because over 40 hours is time and a half. He was also doing the books for that little store so he got away with it and the owner was apparently getting a cut of that. At minimum wage, "half time" wasn't much. I quit and went to work elsewhere. Today with computers and the rest, he'd never got away with it. I think the IRS got hold of the owner at some point.
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