A Parked Regeneration

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    I have to do a parked regen on this Cascadia if I sit at idle for too long (a couple days), like I did last week while waiting at a terminal to take a trainer class. On these if the regen light and the red CEL come on the truck WILL shut down.

    At CRST a few of us noticed that if the regen light kept coming on (the one that indicated we needed to run at highway speeds, not do a parked regen) the turbo would blow soon after that. Not sure which was the cause and which was the effect. Maybe a leaky seal causing oil to clog up the filter? Or increased back pressure from the clogged filter hurting the turbo? Those Columbias with the Detroit had some bad turbos anyway so it could have been a coincidence.
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    we do not run bio-diesel.

    i was told they clog up (carbon up) after x number of miles. my truck, as i drive, some diesel gets "injected" into the exhaust to burn away the soot/contaminants.

    after a while, in my case (over 200,000 miles), enough soot built up in the exhaust, that the park re-gen started to happen. before that mileage, noting, nada, zilch for problems.

    the end result, the truck is down for about 2-3 days so that the exhaust can be disassembled and taken to a place that heats up the "core" or filter to about 2,000 to break up the clogged filter and clean it. i do not know the entire process, but that's about it.

    you're sitting for 2-3 days, or you're getting a "rental or loaner truck"....

    that much, I DO KNOW..!!
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    It's coincidence, nothing more. The early Cascadias had recalls on the turbos.

    I usually have to do a parked regen after a 34 in a Cascadia. For awhile, ours was making us do a parked every 300-400 miles, it would not do an automatic regen at highway speeds. Ended up being problems with low fuel pressure.
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    "What clogs the filters?

    I heard from road breakdown that the bio diesel has all sorts of dirty crap in it. But I get a different opinion from each guy I talk with at our road breakdown. I'll be told what to do by the night guy, and the day guy will ask, "Who told you that?" Hehehehee


    Where you buyin diesel from, Willie Nelson?

    All diesel is dirty and off road is the worse but that's why we aren't allowed to use it. A Re-gen just burns out the carbon left over from the burnt fuel in the exhaust. Its actually burnt right out of an exhaust filter put in place to make cleaner emissions! Hence the Certified Idle sticker you get on your truck!

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    mine never smokes just makes really nasty smells cummins motor btw
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    VERY STRONG WARNING: If you are doing a parked regen, pay close attention to where you are parked. Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and Idaho, some truck parking areas have big signs warning to not do a parked regen do to extreme fire danger. Noticed a couple of truck stops also have signs up along curb areas telling not to do a parked regen in that spot.
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    Pilot, TA and Loves. The pilot in Minooka IL is selling BIO Diesel. (If I am not mistaken)

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    When I drove for Knight I had a 2010 Volvo with a Cummins. That sucker would do regen cycles at highway speeds over and over and over and I would have to do a parked regen about once every 2-3 days, because the flashing light would come on. I'm convinced that filter never really got clean.

    I feel like Knight's tinkering with the horsepower/airflow/fuel settings on the Cummins played a part on that running so much.

    I hear trucks with DEF tend to be better about regen at highway speeds, thus reducing the need to do a parked regen.
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    Re-gens can be done at highway speeds but are most effective when parked. Usually when they are done on the move it is just to get by until you can stop for the whole process.
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    Sorry PMracing, I should have wrote "joke" in quotations for our slower audience. Willie Nelson/biodiesel/joke.....

    Thanks for pointing that out though.
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