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    Jun 1, 2013
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    Hi All!--

    I saw a 8 car carrier on the road today. Mix of cars and pickups, all looked driveable, all had plates. Figured it was probably one of those outfits that haul cars around for snowbirds, or for people making a household move who don't want to drive.

    So, if you do that kind of work, do you have to drive your carrier around to 8 different residential pickups, or do you have the customer bring the car to a central location, then load the carriers up according to destination? Thanks!
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    It can work either way. And he may have just picked them all up at an auction and is taking them to a used car dealer that bought them. No hard and fast rules there. Just depends on what a customer needs and wants, and what the trucking company agrees to.
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    For me I do the personal owner car thing and it’s pretty much 1 stop at a time and door to door with an occasional 2 cars at one location.
    This is usually how it works for me.
    Pick up at six different locations in NY drive to Florida and unload at six different locations and then reload at six different locations and then drive back to NY and unload at six different locations.
    That’s 24 separate stops on a 3400 to 3600 mile round trip.
    Last trip down my ELD went out and I had to go to paper.
    They told me I had to recreate from memory my last 8 days on paper.
    Can you imagine 24 stops and over 3000 miles all recreated from memory ?
    I tried but gave up.
    I was fully prepared to tell dot to take me to jail and put me out of my misery if they stoped me for inspection lol
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    Aug 19, 2012
    You really do offer white glove service. I thought I was spoiled with one or two stops a load and now I know for sure I am.
    My Mom is a snow bird and the carrier that hauls her car to Florida and back has set runs and pick up points in their regular cities. They put out a schedule before peak travel times and she books a slot that suits her. The load/unload spot in our city is at a local car dealers off site storage lot. In Florida they park at the entrance of her development and drop the car at her home if she isn’t in Florida yet. Security will shuttle the driver back to the rig. She pays roughly 70 cents a mile and it is worth every penny.
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    Oct 19, 2015
    Upstate NY
    Your moms experience is similar to how I operate as far as the scheduling part but my pickup and delivery is pretty much door to door.
    There are some cases where we need to meet at a shopping mall because there is just no way to enter the development because of turning room or low hanging trees
    Many times it’s unload in a turn lane to the development and then drive it in and walk out.
    I will say it’s really unnerving after that accident down in Miami where a car hauler had his back to traffic and was unchaining a car on the top deck and car drove up his deck and killed him.
    In the end though it’s a very enjoyable job for me.
    One of the perks with my long time clients is flexible scheduling.
    I can show up at there house at 6:00am pick up there car with out disturbing them and then can deliver it in Florida at midnight the same way if I choose.
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