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    I’ve attempted, under the complaint of Shift Work Sleep Disorder, to obtain a Modafinil prescription, and it seems to have been a waste of time and money. The nurse practitioner seemed frightened of my request, which is curious.

    Because of the ELD mandate,

    Drivers are now under 24 hour electronic surveillance; employers and enforcement agencies know when we’ve been sleeping, they know when we’re awake, they know when we’ve been bad or good.

    Santa Claus never threatens your livelihood...

    The feds aren’t obligating a “do you hold a CDL license?” on all employment applications, to ensure non-driver work is tallied up as on-duty, not driving, but a series of nationally publicized accidents might provoke such a law.

    This regulatory environment should encourage physicians to be more trusting that a prescription would not be abused, but most physicians are ignorant of the rules, and frightened of bad outcomes.

    I suggest the supplement Adrafinil, if you haven’t previously damaged your liver by alcohol or drug abuse, hepatitis, etc.

    Your body will metabolize Adrafinil, the supplement, into Modafinil, the drug.

    No prescription is required, but don’t expect Amazon to stock it (theft by the overworked employees, perhaps?)

    Perform your due diligence, do your research, etc. and if you do try a bottle, follow some simple rules:

    No food two hours before taking.
    No food two hours after taking.
    No caffeine (until the effects begin to wear off)
    Drink plenty of water.
    I wouldn’t use it more than four days a week.
    I recall “no smoking”, also.

    To avoid gossip and rumors:
    Don’t offer samples, don’t call Adrafinil a drug (it’s a supplement), best not to talk about it.

    AND don’t waste your time and money with the medical profession, in pursuit of a Modafinil prescription.

    A DOT five panel screen won’t detect Adrafinil, or Modafinil.

    At this point in time, detection requires a blood/plasma draw, a gas chromatograph and a spectrometer.
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