Additional Shelving in bunk

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  1. NoLuckCanuck

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    Jun 8, 2012
    Alberta, Canada
    Hey guys/gals I tried searching this before asking but cant find anything. Firstly I just got a new to me tractor, I haul dry bulk in Canada and sometimes go offroad. Its a 2015 Western Star 4900 with the Strat bunk, one bed and the cherry cabinets. I need a couple additional shelves mounted, like one for the CPAP machine and a few other odds and ends. I saw one stick on shelf but it looked pretty flimsy. Im curious what you folks have done that worked for you? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You :)
  2. Flat Earth Trucker

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    Nov 19, 2018
    Have you seen the anti-snore chin strap?
    Could be an alternative to a CPAP machine.
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