Admiral Merchants Motor Freight

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    Nov 25, 2010
    I wish in was closer, I might been interested. I'm in Ohio.
  2. Pastor Dean

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    Oct 5, 2016
    I know post is a little old but rates are up and its time to make the move!!!!
    Had my own authority and mostly ran freight with Landstar ($115,000 in 6 months) my son and I run team and do alot of OD loads. With the new ELD laws and insurance getting higher I decided to go ahead and lease on to Landstar as a BCO. Worst mistake ever. Thinking being a BCO the loads would be better. A little better pay but they take out more than I was paying for insurance etc And with each load it seemed like I was on phone calling everybody and telling them where I was When I get there etc. I got the ELD just fing look at that. Pay was every thursday which was not too bad. After seeming like they were running my truck I was feed up. I hauled for Admiral Merchants before and broker was both a LS agent and Admiral (Gordon Smith) and told me that Admiral was more old school and for me being in trucking since 90s it seemed like a good move for me. Been there over 3 months and could not be happier. Takes a little while to get working with the new agents and get them to trust ya covering the loads. But they leave you alone unless you need help and just a phone call away. Load board has rates so that you dont need to waste calls on cheap freight. You get a AMMF manager (mine is Rob and is great) that will help you as much as you need. I think they have a sign on bonus for good drivers. If anyone has any questions just ask, will try to answer ASAP. By the way, Transflo paperwork in and your paid in 4 hours!!! Good luck truckers and stay safe and GOD Bless Pastor Dean
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