Advanced logging - Split sleeper berth explained

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by Rawlco, Aug 16, 2006.

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    hihi all... don't understand 'em, but been using split breaks a lot to get home for a couple hours every other day to feed my cat (eLogs). The entire topic makes my brain sizzle like a steak on the barby searing.

    As usual, ya get the government involved with anything and it transforms from simple to incomprehensible, taxes being another good example.

    be safe all ... shiny side up is always a good idea ;-)
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    I use the sleeper birth option all the time. If I decide to stop for aq uick break whether for a power nap or to exercise. If I run over an hour I will take an extra hr so that I don't lose any driving time. However I'm kinda lazy and many times the 2nd 8 hr break ends up as a full 10 hr.
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    Very nice rig
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    I totally understand split logging, my question is, the Company I drive for, installed Qualcomm mcp200, units. Does the mcp200 allow split logging, does anyone know if there is anything special about how the logs are to be handled, when split logging on one of these units, (assuming it allows it)??? Thanks
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    I don't have that particular model terminal, but the elogging software that QualComm uses does split logging just fine.
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    well it is may 29th 2011 and i got a false log book ticket for the very reason of logging off duty not driving for my break rest period on line 1 only, rather than logging 10 hrs or 8 and 2 for my rest period on line 2; line 2 and line 1. the dot trained sheriff in burton ks on hwy 50 who also put me out of service, not the truck out of service, me out of service for false logging on this very point. i log all my rest periods on line 1 as an otr driver, unless i do a split 8 and 2. the rest period ison line 1 off duty whether it is 10 or 16 hrs off duty, as is the 34 hr restart which is to include a 24 hr off duty and a 10 hour sleeper off duty rest period. how he can get away with this is beyond me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. mtdewy4 u at yahoo 115 plus 80 court cost and my license csa score will suck now. any suggestions. i am domiciled in eastern iowa.
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    Go figure i got a log falsification citation for the reason of loging off duty and not logging sleeper for my 10. may 29th 2011. he said i have to log a sleeper if i came back to the truck and napped. so i guess i answered his question wrong, ' what did i do for the time off duty i logged' i said ate, farted around in the truck stop napped in the truck and then he cut me off and said i falsified my logs not showing that nap period as it was a change of duty status. so is the sheriff legal and just or is this just a technical point that he can write a false log citation and put me out of service for 10 hrs.??

    call 563 506 9768 Don Drew

    should i fight the ticket? I have a question and I did not want to start a new thread. A fellow driver was told by a DOT inspector that you have to log 8 hours in the sleeper. Now we usually just log all or off time as Off duty on line one and don’t show any time in the sleeper. Do we need to show time in the sleeper or is it ok just to log off duty for 10 hours?

    Long discussion here but I hope to answer your question :biggrin_25525:

    Many drivers/office personel mis-understand the DOT regulations (which I can understand why, we won't go there tonight).

    Line 1 means: YOU are OFF duty, you are away from the truck.
    Line 2 means: Your BODY is in the sleeper. We can't "prove" you was sleeping (however if they can prove you wasn't sleeping during an 8 or 10 hour break then it's possible they could hold that against you in the court of law.

    Ok so if you want more discussion on how to log let me know " there is a thread dicussing this in great detail if I remember correctly somewhere in this forum.

    Ok now here it is!

    First if you are taking a consecutive 10 hour break: meaning you are shutting the truck down for 10 hours straight to gain your 11 & 14 hour break: Here is how you can accomplish your 10 hour break: 3 ways

    1) 10 hours off duty: So you drove 11 hours and got home, you are away from the truck this should be logged as off duty.NOw if your company doesn't give you permission to log off duty for personal time then you "MIGHT" Have to log it as on-duty "if you are under a load".

    2) 10 hours in the sleeper: So if you sleep 10 hours like me and spent 10 hours in the bunk you log 10 hours sleeper

    3) 10 hours of lines 1 & 2 combined: So if you go in the truck stop for 4 hours and socialize that should be logged as off duty.
    Example of a 10 hour break using lines 1 & 2: I can go off duty for 1 hour (less or more is ok to) and then go to the sleeper for 4 hours, then get up go socialize for 3 hours, then I can go sleep for 3 hours.
    The 10 hour consecutive break is just that a break! DOT doesn't say you have to sleep for 10 hours. Just as long as you do not work or anything related to your truck/work thats all they want.

    I can go off duty 1 hour, sleep 1 hour, off duty 1 hour and so on and not be in violation.

    Now make sure you get a full 10! Many drivers think they have a 10 hour break but it's only 9.75 hours (or lower).

    When split breaking the rule is (basic and simple)

    If you sleep (line 2) for 8 hours consecutive and have not driven 11 hours prior to the 8 you can extend your 14 hour clock by the number of hours you have in the sleeper (remember it has to be 8 hours in the SLEEPER)

    Many people got that you need to spend 8 hours of your 10 hour break in the sleeper because of the split break regulations. If you have 7.75 hours in the sleeper within your 14 hour it does NOT extend the 14...

    Sorry long winded but I wanted to clear up a few things, I hope it works :biggrin_2559: __________________
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    You didn't log anything in sleeper berth, and told the sheriff you slept in the truck, and you're asking why you got a ticket?
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