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Discussion in 'Millis' started by olddogdon, Aug 18, 2017.

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    I would say stick to your current job till 2018, I started school in April finished by May got a few good drives in the summer time and I would have to say that It’s definitely making it easier for me know with the ice and snow on the roads I have been lucky though we haven’t got much snow...
    Then check out local schools or company’s that will pay for your schooling such as:
    Rg Transport
    Carter Express
    Nussbaum Transportation
    Sodrel (I went to there school Safe Drivers Institude Of America) they do give you the option to apply with Sodrel once you have completed there program and they also bring in some very good company’s that could offer tuition reimbursement or help you pay them back.
    Good luck man!
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    I'm in a not at all similar position. Only that by the time I get through class, maybe hopefully I'll do winter WITH a trainer. If I had a bonus waiting, I'd say wait for that, then get into Millis training! So far have heard mostly good things about Millis. Everyone says to avoid trucking but you want to try it. Do it! Why let others dampen your adventurism.
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    Remember most everyone talks about money before it's actually made. Your first year in trucking is the most risky, dangerous against you.

    I prefer to consider the expenses such as food. It probably will run you approx 8000 dollars your first year to maintain yourself on the road.

    Do not get locked into any one company. If you happen to be happy working for Millis or whomever, then you are ahead of the game while you build up the Stamina.

    If this is Trenton east of Philadelphia, I urge you to be very careful where you stick that 18 wheeler. Hopefully your trainer will help you with that.
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    Couldn't take a minute to READ a 1 1/2 year old thread before you cut and paste your newbie "gloom and doom" speech?

    He said Trenton, OHIO.

    About 560 miles WEST of Philadelphia, PA.
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