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    Jan 26, 2020
    Hello all!
    I was born and raised in India. Studied engineering and started a technology career ~30 years back. Moved to the USA in '97 when many like minded software engineers immigrated for the Y2K prep. Well, that was a while back, but FF 23 years and now at a point in life where I just am not feeling the thrill of doing the technology work. So, Sunday morning thoughts lead me to start looking at starting a new career in a field that I've wanted to explore. A brief history to my automotive liking and experience is that I have experienced the home mechanic life all my life, initially with gas and diesel cars in India working at my uncle's garage in the weekends and holidays, later DIY work on my cars, vans, and lately my Ford 7.3 PSTD Excursions for the past few years. I love to drive and travel bu road whenever I get the chance. So, I have just recently started to do my research into this career. The big drivers for me are
    1. I work for myself
    2. I get to see various parts of this country, and
    3. I get paid for 1 & 2 above

    At age 50, I do still have a couple of life commitments to complete - few more years of mortgage payments, a couple more years of helping the kids to be completely on their own etc. Wife is also a techy and we both hold good jobs.

    So, I was thinking of maybe putting my excursion to work initially and run some LTL loads around my state of VA to get started and to get a taste of what this is like before getting too deep into this. What are your thoughts and advice?
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    Jan 26, 2020
    Same here. Age 55, I recently left secure, good paying, life time BORING career (accounting) to change fields, trucking, something that had always intrigued me, same reasons you listed. You will hear not to expect to make any money 1st two years, it's true so make sure you are financially prepared before you go into this!!! I am having so much fun in my 'retirement' career, I don't regret my decision. Good luck.
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    I say, go for it. Some temp services hire cdl drivers to work on their days off. Many drivers work weekends only.
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