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  1. InfiniteRun

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    Dec 5, 2019
    I am in my 9th month with this company. I really like it here and I can't complain.From the perspective of someone who came from a mega carrier (Prime Inc.) with one year of experience this place was definitely an upgrade in a lot of aspects. My only gripes would be that my truck seems to have random small issues all the time that come back even after a trip to the shop and that we have to use the company's crap truckwash.I miss my Blue Beacon washes. Never had to go to the shop with Prime unless it was for a PM considering my truck was brand new .It's little things like the low coolant warning when it's topped off,the never ending APU issues,my inverter going crazy even when nothing is plugged in,5th wheel not latching.
    Overall I have had a very good experience and content with the pay.I do not plan on staying simply because it is a hassle for a family member to pick me up from the drop yard in Dallas and take me to the house 45 minutes away. I would like to start getting home every weekend instead of every 2-3 weeks and don't want to bother a family member or pay $40 for an Uber that often. Would definitely recommend if you live near KCMO or can easily get a ride from the Dallas drop yard on hometime.


    • Terminal in Kansas City, MO
    • Drop yards in Dallas,TX , Olive Branch, MS , and one more I cannot remember
    • Mid sized carrier
    • Runs mostly midwest - down into Houston,TX and back up.
    • 53' Dryvan
    • Very friendly staff at terminal.It's a small company so you will more than likely be recognized and remembered. (I'm an introvert and this is a bit of a nightmare)
    • Has a cookout every couple of months
    • Podcast to keep drivers updated on upcoming changes and give useful information
    Home Time
    • Very flexible
    • 6 days/mo can be consecutive
    • Supposed to stay out a minimum of 11 days if you split up your time, but dispatcher will more than likely work with you if you need to get back sooner
    • Mostly Kenworth T680s some Freightliner Cascadias
    • Within 3 years old
    • Most trucks are blue
    • Transitioning to automatics
    • Governed at 65 for company
    • In house maintenance
    • In house truck wash only or you will have to pay out of pocket
    • 1500w Inverter
    • APU
    • Driver and road facing cameras that trigger in the event of a hard break or something hitting the truck.I believe the new ones send video of 10 seconds before the and 4 seconds after the event
    • Spoke with recruiter Marsha.Very polite and informative. Responds promptly via email/text
    • Submitted application online

    Pay(will vary based on experience,endorsements,and bonuses

    • 2,500 - 3,000mi/wk
    • I average $1,200/wk NET when I stay out (please keep in mind I do not pay for insurance since i am covered through my parents)
    • Started @ 34cpm base + 11c per diem. Boosted to 39cpm base with Hazmat
    • $4,500 sign on bonus paid out over 9 months
    • Monthly mileage bonus (between $100 - $200 for me)
    • Annual/Quarterly MPG bonus (I have never received this and don't expect to.Serious case of leadfoot)
    • Recruiting bonus $1,000/driver
    • 1c increase/ year
    • Short haul $25
    • Holiday pay $100
    • Detention $25/hr after 2 hrs
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  2. exACT driver

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    Feb 2, 2014
    You forgot to tell everyone about those fancy driver facing cameras they installed over there!

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  3. InfiniteRun

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    Dec 5, 2019
    Yup those too.I'll add that. The camera doesn't bother me I forget that it's there.
  4. Professor No-Name

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    Nov 26, 2016
    I'd say their starting pay sounds a little on the low side but i understand. We all do what we have to do. I started at .39 a mile 3 yrs ago where I'm at. I'm up to .48 a mile now though. Yet I'm greedy an still think i want to make more.
  5. TokyoJoe

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    Feb 10, 2015
    CPM isnt so important if you are getting the miles. I get 65 cpm but the past month the miles suck. I've been out 6 of 7 weeks this year for all 7 days a week yet barely have 10000 miles this year.
  6. Professor No-Name

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    Nov 26, 2016
    Yea ya gotta have the consistent miles for sure.
  7. RoadCall

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    Mar 12, 2012
    It’s not .39, ... with .11 per diem it’s a total of .50 , which isn’t bad for dry van
  8. Professor No-Name

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    Nov 26, 2016
    10-4. I see i misread it. The pay thing that is.
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