Any thoughts on Hill Brothers??

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    Aug 29, 2012
    I don't work at either of those terminals but I do know Denver is desperate for drivers. They may have a hiring bonus but likely need experience. Actually any LTL company in Denver is looking for drivers.

    I have a friend that works for SAIA that goes to bed in Denver. They like to do meet turns where you drive 1/2 way to a major city and meet another driver from that city where you would swap trailers then go back to your home terminal and go to bed at your own home. Old Dominion does the same thing putting drivers to bed in Denver when they would actually like to do meet and greet turns. I don't know what town in Kansas they meet at but they would be swapping trailers with drivers from Kansas City. I am pretty sure SAIA requires recent combination experience but you would need to contact them to find out. Old Dominion had been 100% manual transmissions but my understanding is that they are getting Automated Manual Transmissions, (AMT), which are automatic. ABF road trucks are all AMT.

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    May 12, 2022
    Im embarrassed, but what does that mean extra board or bid on a run...
  4. Hawkeye72

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    Feb 20, 2015
    Bid run is a dedicated route for instance I run from Des Moines to Lakeville Mn 5 days a week. Come in at 8pm head to Mn and drop my trailers hook up trailers to go south and head home.

    Extra board fill in for drivers on dedicated runs. So someone is on vacation, sick or they have more freight to move than dedicated drivers.

    Bid run you run the same place everyday. On the extra board you get a variety of places to go. Goes in seniority high guys get a choice lower guys get whats left over.
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    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    Bid runs are when drivers have the same runs every day/week. Senior drivers choose which runs they want, then go down the list based on seniority. The driver with the least seniority gets the leftover or lowest paying run and he's stuck with it until a few months later when the bidding starts over.
    Extra-board is for drivers that don't want a bid run; they take whatever is available on a daily basis. Extra-board drivers fill in for drivers calling in sick, on vacation, taking a day off, etc. Sometimes a load is available that's not on a regular bid; just an extra load that popped up.
    Bid drivers think that's too risky and there may not be any work which affects the paycheck. I gambled there would be plenty of work and I won the gamble for 3 straight years. I didn't have the boredom of the same work every day/week. Every day/week was different and my paychecks were the highest of all the bid run drivers.
    Bid run drivers can't bump the extra-board drivers off a run. They tried that with me and it didn't work out for them.
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