Anybody operate LFW hoists/ bins(Dempster Dumpsters)?

Discussion in 'Waste Removal and Garbage Truck Driver Forum' started by TrashisCash1992, Nov 7, 2022.

  1. TrashisCash1992

    TrashisCash1992 Bobtail Member

    Nov 7, 2022
    So I would like to start a hauling company in the future. Everybody and their grandfather has a company that does rolloff/ hooklift bin rentals. They always cap out their services at about 1-2 tons. The market is being saturated in my area with these guys who have these things.

    My question is does anybody really use these LFWs/ GRDs and the bins? I always see them on auction pages and they either get bought up quickly, or the auction site sells them to a scrap dealer and they get cut up. I was talking to a few guys on youtube who claimed they owned these hoists. One told me he would be buying another hoist and 30 Dumpsters. I would really like to hear from someone who actually uses these hoists and bins. From a business perspective, would they be worth it for a smaller hauler?
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