Anyone know about Radio Active Radios?

Discussion in 'CB Radio Forum' started by psychocreep, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. rookietrucker

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    Jul 15, 2007
    Wow, This is the first I have heard negative things about them. Ok, Why? I'm not taking sides but curious as to why stay away from them? Please enlighten me, thanks :yes2557:
  2. Rat

    Rat Road Train Member

    Just trust us on this. There are a few others out there also. A couple more that I am not too fond of are GI Joe and Rolling Radios.
    Also do a search for the CB shop black list.
  3. deadeye

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    Sep 8, 2008
    Mike from Radioactive Radios will take your money over the phone then and only then after your payment clears he "orders" the radio from a distributor. When it arrives then the mod is done to it. Sometimes it is dropped shipped to outside techs that he use's across the country. (Not much can be done on quality control that way)This will take an extra couple weeks in delivering it to you. Most honest shops have radios in stock and can ship them out within a couple days. The NPC Mod is not a not a good mod to perform on radios, it shortens the life of the finals. He charges three times the amount that any other shop would to do it. His work "Will" void the warranty on the radio, if ya don't believe that just send a email to Galaxy or RCI. The radios are notorious for spattering the frequency's. Like I said before I have had two radios that he has worked on and it was an expensive lesson learned.

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  4. LeprechaunNM1977

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    Feb 12, 2009
    My Friend got a General Lee radio from them like 3 yrs ago and has had no problems Loud and Clear !!
  5. Powder Joints

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    Sep 25, 2007
    Rosamond, SoCal
    Radio Active is a rip off. I bought a Galaxy 95 from them and thankfully they charged me for a alignment they never performed. I would not buy from them again.
  6. Paulie

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Rolling Radio is the bomb. I mean... The guy works out of his van and has to ship things out but he does fantastic work. Unless it is something simple I will not just trust a local CB shop. I would rather ship it out to have the right stuff done only once.

    Best of luck in whatever you choose. There are mixed results everywhere you go.
  7. jessejamesdallas

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Republic of Texas
    Radio Active is sorta a "Hit & Miss" deal...I have bought radios from Mike and never had a problem, just good reports on how it sounded...But I know several guys who bought from them, and had total hell with them.

    It dose seem to take longer to get a order back from Radio Active, than with other shops. This is probably like what was said, Mike doesn't keep allot of radios in stock, he just orders them from his distributor as orders come in...(This is a command practice with Web Stores tho..)

    Another shop worth checking out, is Clays CB Shop. They have been in business since the 70's I know of...Long before "Web Sites" were even thought of!
  8. Sixx Burning Sky

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    Aug 23, 2008

    Clay's still tuning antennas in the wash bay or is this urban legend ?
  9. jessejamesdallas

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Republic of Texas
    Little bit of both. The Famous "Wash-Bay" was really only set-up so they could tune antenna's on Big Rigs regardless of the weather. It has walk-up platforms on the sides so the Tech can easily get to the Mirror Brackets without having to stand on a ladder, or stool. They say they can get a perfect tune on the antenna's inside the thing, using MFJ Analyzers...I have never let them tune my antenna's in the thing, but I know it's been there as long as they have been there...They use to even have a picture of the bay on Billboards up and down the Interstate...Not sure if they are still up tho...
  10. Sixx Burning Sky

    Sixx Burning Sky Light Load Member

    Aug 23, 2008

    I recall you guys mentioning this awhile back on different forum and thanks for the reply, I wasn't totally sure.
    BTW I had one radio, a Galaxy 55 done up by Clay's no issues with their service. Also one local has RCI 2980 from Clay's and that one does pretty well on the airwaves as well.
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