Anyone use People Net onboard system?

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    Just wondering if anyone works for a company using this system? We were told at our safety meeting last week that we will be getting this system in the next few months. We will still be using paper logs for now but switching to e-logs within the next 1-2 years. Just wanting some feedback on this system please. Thanks
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    ppl net is pretty much like qual com, not hard to learn and still a computer that keeps track of all your actions
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    From what I understand, it is based on cell pone signals combined with GPS.
    It will tell you where you are to the nearest mile to the nearest town that is actually a town, sometimes, a town on the map might not be in their database.

    It will tell you the time and direction of travel on another screen.

    It can give you performance and speedometer, but that is based on interface with the ECM, and didn't work with all engines we had. It would have been more useful for us to actually know how fast we were going with speed computed from distance traveled rather than with the speedometer from the ECM

    The downside we had was there was a queue process to send from the truck units and bulk messages from the company would have to work their way through the units; even a small company took time for that.

    It might have been hours to send a message, but a single message from dispatch would be sent in almost real time.

    I was not impressed, I never sent e-mail with the units we had, and no one bothered to show us how.

    It was threatened to use it for logging; I would keep track myself, after being accused of sitting for 8 hours in another state on a split break.

    There may be better levels of service with these units, some companies are using them for logging and as a crosscheck on logging.
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