Applying to CDL schools with a speeding ticket help!

Discussion in 'Trucking Schools and CDL Training Forum' started by sleetingnow, Dec 27, 2022.

  1. lual

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    Oct 22, 2020
    SW Georgia
    @sleetingnow --

    Apply to all the others, first (starting with Swift)--then try C R England, last. :confused:

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  3. roundhouse

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    Jul 11, 2018
    It’s the insanity of requiring a huge tractor and 53 foot trailer to back into the stores and parking lots , the deliveries are all during the daytime so customers cars are parked everywhere , and these stores were NOT designed to have huge trucks backing into the parking lots .
    These stores should be using 28 foot box trucks

    if you accept one of these positions you WILL get involved in some accident of some kind , bump into a customers car , hit a tree, shrubbery , road sign , fence etc
    Your rig struck by traffic on the highway while you’re backing from the two lane road into the parking lot etc etc

    Every accident or ticket will be on your MVR for years , and will prevent you from being able to get a job with a good company .

    At least the auto parts stores delivery drivers make the deliveries at night when the store is closed so there are no customer or employees cars in the parking lot , and you just unload the cargo into the cage inside the back door at the store and leave .

    At the dollar stores you have to unload it but you have to wait for the lone employee of the store to assist you in unloading and counting etc .
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  4. TB John

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Knight might be a good alternative to the ones already mentioned.
  5. tscottme

    tscottme Road Train Member

    With 20 mph over it doesn't really matter if the ticket prints reckless on it or not. IIRC, the trucking industry classifies anything more than 15 mph over as reckless, regardless of whether the issuing police agency put that on the ticket. Not getting hired by Prime does NOT mean you can't get a driving job. But 20 mph over means you will need a proverbial miracle to get hired at a company that is much better than mediocre. If you had 3 felonies, two DUIs, and international warrants for your arrest SOMEONE will still hire you. The question is are you willing to work under the conditions and pay those types of company will deliver to you? Just getting hired doesn't necessarily mean improving your life. Since this about 1 ticket and it is already 2 years old there is hope. I suspect you are not willing to carefully and ruthlessly analyze your specific needs and then carefully analyze the company suggestions that can hire you, since MOST newbies don't do more than a 15 second Google search and sign onto the first company that waves "free CDL" in front of them. I'd suggest you look at dump truck driving in your area and work that job making good money while you wait out the possible 5 year since the ticket's date.

    I can assure you there is no EASY and GOOD and FAST path to a great job with a "20 over" ticket during the yearly and industry slowdown that is happening. That is NOT me saying you have no hope. That is saying you put a big obstacle in your own way and so if you routinely overcome big challenges then you will find a something that works for you. If you don't have that sort of history, not desire but history, I would do what you can to wait out the period you have to spend in "the penalty box". There are other drivers that have overcome worse obstacles. These days the people under 30 don't seem able to over come very much without a whole family and nation giving them 14 shortcuts and 24/7 fast-track paths to the winner's circle. Most newbies entering trucking already seem to have a glib expectation they will just start collecting accidents and tickets as soon as they start CDL driving. I've never seen that before in my 25+ years in trucking. Maybe they have never once faced any consequences for their actions. I'm stumped on where that attitude and expectation comes from.
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  6. tscottme

    tscottme Road Train Member

    I worked next to Western Express's CDL school. I can confirm WE doesn't have CDL school anymore. They only hire CDL holders, even if they don't have any/much experience. You have to have the CDL to get hired at WE.
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  7. mwonch

    mwonch Light Load Member

    Dec 3, 2014
    San Antonio, TX
    Speaking from experience, Prime will be all up in your wazoo for background and previous employment checks. If that one ticket is the ONLY problem you have, they'll be good with it. They self-insure up to a certain point. If you're otherwise clean, you'll get in if they have the spots. They are not a bad company with which to train.

    They took me with the following: a Federal level C Felony conviction within 10 years of their acceptance and 2 moving violations. Took a couple of board reviews even after getting there, but they let me stay. One ticket won't be a problem. The worst that will happen is (if the ticket is too recent) they'll delay you for a few months. If you are truthful in having only that 1 ticket in 3 or more years, I doubt they'll bat an eye. However, you CANNOT get a ticket or a minor fender bender (even if NOT your fault) during any phase of training, or they send you packing. They are strict about that.

    They will handle TWIC and your initial physical. If you take any prescription meds, let your recruiter know. If your body mass is above a certain level, you will have to do a sleep test. If your blood pressure is higher than it should be, I would suggest you take steps to get that under control BEFORE you go there.

    For best results, set your report time a month out, and spend some time getting your permit in your home state WITH any endorsements. That'll save you a LOT of time. They don't require you to have HazMat, but I advise that you get it. They pay for it all, but you must do a 1 year stint for it to be "free." Any less than that, they will bill you the balance. If you have a home and family to support, the pay WILL SUCK while training. Prepare for that.

    Assuming you choose Prime, be aware that the better you do in classes and practice (including the pretrip) the better choices you will have for trainers. BE CHOOSY. Some of the instructors for classes and pad work are actually drivers looking to choose the best of the class to head to the road. I think you said you were in LA, so you'll be sent to either SLC or Springfield, MO.

    I am serious about this part: Prime is one of those companies who'll send you for training on Greyhound. Just...don't do that. Take a plane or rent a car for a one way trip.

    Lastly, there is a thread around here from a few years ago (2015) which does a great job outlining the Prime training experience. Search username broshears. He was my roomie for both phases of training (orientation and test out).
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