Are there any good OTR companies out there? "Really"

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  1. billsgirl

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    Nov 30, 2008
    Cheektowaga, NY
    You sound like a fairly intelligent person. 3500-3700 miles a week as a solo driver LEGALLY? By the calculator, Im sure you are talking about logging. I understand you can log 715 miles a day at 65 mph. But in all actuality, if you are driving 3500-3700 miles a week, you are doing a lot of back logging and playing with your logs as a solo driver. You must be talking about when you are training students. I hope you are a good trainer and don't run your truck as a team operation when you are training because a lot of that $#%# goes on too. 715 miles a day for 6 days comes to 66 hours, 4290 miles or 1329.90 at .31 cpm. That is how these companies come up with "make UP TO 36,000-46,000 a year" Let's be realistic. Driving through Tennessee on I40 at 65 mph is not happening. Driving through Montana, Washington, Idaho, on I90 at 65 mph is not happening either. Just with traffic alone and looking out for other people on the road/driving safely and professionally/Legally 3000 miles a week is more realistic. I have no problem with working hard and I take pride in my work, but to constantly hear that somehow my thinking is flawed is really getting old, because I see those drivers that are getting 3500-3700 miles a week whizzing past in rainstorms, snowstorms, etc., blinding everyone else on the road. I could drive like that too if I didn't give a $#%# about anyone else on the road except myself. Anyone with a family and a brain should be able to respect that. PS this is not necessarily directed at YOU. This is from Bill, the driver/mover
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  3. bangngears

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    Oct 30, 2008
    metamora, Ohio

    LOL give me a break...i have never drove tired nor do i run illegal. When i take a 10 hour break i dont sleep the whole 10 hours i sleep 7 or 8 then shower and eat and stuff. I was just saying you can save yourself some hours on your 70, if you are sitting in the bunk playing on the computer you are OFF DUTY!
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  4. Hyper

    Hyper Light Load Member

    Nov 28, 2008
    Kingwood, Tx
    I run 4000+ miles a week. I am home every week. I unload and reload in the same docks running Air Frieght from airport to airport. To either LAX, JFK, or BOS from Houston and return.

    Have been driving for 20+ years and earned $75K with gross and bonus earnings this year as a company driver.

    I have been an O/O for years and am actually bringing home more money now then I ever have. So the money is there, you just have to gain experience, and find your niche within the industry.
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  5. Faber

    Faber Medium Load Member

    Oct 11, 2008
    it is tough, but it's not the worste if you dont make it that way (there's allot worse one could be doing)....
    -what other job can you;

    -eat when you want, then say,"ahh, I'm taking a nap." and still complete your job on time.
    -run thru the country and enjoy this view
    -run thru a city at night when everyone is asleep and enjoy the peace and the lights
    -bull-#### on the cb
    -get a tax break
    -not have a supervisor on you shoulder watching
    -not have to go to the same building over and over every day
    -meet so many different people
    -see so much crazy ####
    this could go on forever, whoever said, "it's a lifestyle" was right....

    and it shur beats the #### outta running a jackhammer, sittn' in a classroom, or gettn' shot at for $14 an hour workn' night shift on a holiday.

    I love it!

    But, I understand and respect the complaints, believe me I'm not argueing....
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  6. Hyper

    Hyper Light Load Member

    Nov 28, 2008
    Kingwood, Tx
    I do to. Can't say old dad and gramps never gave me anything. I got this in my blood and not sure I could ever do anything else.

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  7. kev_ja_kar

    kev_ja_kar Bobtail Member

    Dec 22, 2008
    Gresham, OR
    Ahh, you have figured out the down side of this business. Unlike me it didn't take you years of denial to get to that bottom line. There is no way to get ahead as a company driver - waiting for a raise, hoping for a bonus, being told you can't do this or that, etc.. it's a dead end street and there is no u-turns allowed. All companies are the same, very few can afford to pass along the savings you make them because those savings are being spent to cover the mistakes of bad drivers who don't get it. And the extra's that a company does manage to put away, well that goes towards the BMW, Lexus, house, pool, hot tub, etc.. They take the risk and they take the rewards as well.
    Don't wait 12 years like I did, become an owner/operator as soon as you can, do your homework and figure out the math and get your own truck. Then going slower will put more money in your pocket, less idle time will benefit you not your boss. If you look around at owner ops, you have to assume they make good money or how else can they afford all that blingage on those pete's? I just started about two months ago and I'm learning as I go, but I have no regrets.
  8. Hyper

    Hyper Light Load Member

    Nov 28, 2008
    Kingwood, Tx
    I bought a 1999 KW W900L with a Studio on Dec 13th, 1999. After spending $16k more on Chrome and Lights in Wildwood, Fl I was ready to roll on Jan 1, 2000. Roll I did, pulling a trailer for a country music act. 2 years and almost 400K miles later that gig dried up and I switched to Air Freight. Those were the good old days, runnin' and gunnin' from Nashville or Atlanta to LAX and back. Boy was that fun. Got divorced, started a corvette business on the side and thought I was THE BIG DOG. Then the turds started flying. Covenant robbed us of our contract in a sealed bid that was almost half of we were getting paid. I had to scramble. Hooked up with an outfit out of Phoenix pulling miltary supplies out of SLC to PHX. That was going to be great until my truck blew up at 1.5M miles. It was hard to step away from my old girl. I let her go at a loss. I was short on time and had committed to a contract. I was forced to get into a Volvo 760 from Penske. That was a life changing experience. From the big dog to the Penske truck.

    I have found my niche now. I get to run the way I know how. I am home with a new wife and set of kids every week. When the truck breaks, somebody else pays for it. I pinch myself every week when I deposit that check and throw God a smile for the blessings he has gave us.

    Being an O/O now is a difficult situation. The only way I'd do it again is if I could get the exact same freight I am getting now. That is not going to happen anytime soon, as the boss is making a killing off of us. On the other hand, I see what PRIME is paying and have figured it out that a guy could do well there IF his truck was purchased somewhere else and leased on there. I would not buy/lease one of their trucks. If you have any kind of credit, you can buy a truck. If you have any equity in a home, i'd get a loan off of that and utilize those rates. Paying cash for the truck. PRIME without a truck payment could be sweet.
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  9. jash369

    jash369 Medium Load Member

    Dec 4, 2007
    I did not include the other portion of your statement because I agreed to a well enough point however, I wanted to add another view regarding your statement here..............

    Being an O/O is running/owning your own business.........IE: Self Employed
    I don't remember what the exact numbers are anymore but they were something like 70% of all new businesses fail withint the first 2 years.

    Now alooking at that point to disect, Why do businesses fail?.............

    Is it because the people running them do not know the business.........?
    Is it because their business plan was not sound.......?
    Is it because the markets fail........?
    Is it because of competition........?
    Is it because the people taking on this aspect are not business professionals without the understanding of business management.....?

    I contend that the largest though not the only reason is the last question posed...........

    A person can do a job for 10-20-30 years, be good if not excellent at it but attempt to have their own business doing it for themselves and fail. Why does this happen........? Because though you know the work, you may not have business mangement knowledge/experience...........

    I am not knocking anyone in particular just stating some of the experiences of people I have met on the road and conversations combined with my own experiences of owning 2 of my own companies (in different industries).

    Point, I spoke to someone back in the summer who said at that time he was loosing everything couldn't make his truck payments, house payments, other bills, etc. When I walked with him to his truck he had a brand New Pete' with chrome bumper, antennas, what appeared to be 2,000 lights and on and on..........

    When looking at a business(your business) the decissions for you and your business is that the business must come first.............If the bases of your decissions start with what is best for your business then and only then will you prosper..........When you make decissions for you before your business the business will fail and in turn affect you in a severe manner....

    Their are so many aspects that would take pages of writing to begin to explain, however, their are already books on it................

    If you or anyone is considering on becoming an O/O I would emphatically suggets at minimum reading some business management materials to help make the right decission for you and your business. If you have the time even take online business management courses available to help. It all comes down to the right decissions for your business and managine the money.

    Good Luck.........and be Safe out on the Road
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  10. jash369

    jash369 Medium Load Member

    Dec 4, 2007
    Just to address your statement, no I have not had to back log to accomplish these numbers and it is not necessary to do under all circumstances. The main reason has been however, by drop and hook with out having to wait for load and unload. Your numbers that you show here in this quote are not as tight as you seem to make them appear.

    Considering I have never really been able to AVEARGE higher than 60MPH except a few times (tk governed # 65)..........consider this.......even at 600 miles per day 6 days with only 10 driving time per day will put you at 3,600 miles and still allow you time for the needed necessities.

    All in conversating response and individual opinion.........

    Happy Holidays....................
  11. Markk9

    Markk9 "On your mark"

    Nov 26, 2006
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    As an O/O can you afford health care?.............................Don't get me wrong some can, but many go with out.

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