Arrived at C1 in Indy

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    Jul 21, 2008
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    Well was out with pam trainer for 4 days i got off truck he didn't train me at all i was team driving for 300 dollars week i didn't sign up for team driving. Also he told me if i wrecked truck i got punched i was already nervous enough driving thru mountains and everything for first time with him in back sleeping. He had his own food and when i needed stop to eat he complained and told me i would have to wait till fuel stop even though we had 2 1/2 days till delivery 500 miles away. i hate 2 hotdogs cheesburger and bisquit and gravy over the whole time i was starving and when i took over driving after he drove for 3 hours cause he was tired told me i had to drive rest the way that night i told him ok but i needed to stop to eat he told me wait till fuel stop then at fuel stop cussed me out for taking to long so i got out of truck and told him i had enough this isn't what i signed up for.
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