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    Jul 16, 2010
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    This was a long thread and was tuff to sift through the BSbut after reading I thought I needed to respond. One please go to is conclusive evidential fact that Truckmovers/Irontiger are notaffiliated with JHT Holding or its subsidiaries. If anyone out their can prove any differentand has the evidence to back it up, (example: Government paper work, oranything along that line) without and any conspiracy theories, I will give youa free knock off wrench. The second itemI would like to discuss is notation that with driveaway companies that hireindependent contractors (IC). First andfor most you folks need to understand what an IC is as defined by the USGovernment ( “The general rule is that an individual isan independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct onlythe result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done.”. There for anytime a company tries to fineyou for not competing delivery you are now and employee. For example if you are delivering a truck andthe mud flaps were removed for transportation the carter key is missing youcannot safely install the mud flaps. Thecompany that you are delivering for tells you that the mud flaps have to beinstalled has now made you and employee. As an IC you are contracted to deliver the trucks no one has the rightto tell you how to deliver a truck. Another example is out of route miles when you accept the load you knowwhat the contracted paid miles are however, the actual miles rarely match. If are fined for out of route miles you arenow an employee even if the contracted company is paying the of the fuel.

    If you have any question or want to see the best knock off wrenchever please contact me through my website
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    Jul 28, 2010
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    I still cant get an answer who the shrills/thugs are someone please let me know so I can stay away from them ATT used to be a great place to work until Scott Vallier was hired to run the place. It's all about the bottom line, he doesn't care about his employee base at all, he would love to get rid of us all and go to nothing but contractors. If he did that he wouldn't have to pay benefits. The scabs that do that are just hurting themselves in the long term. We will end up paying your medical bills through Obama Care. It won't matter about any of us for long Freightliner just announced a cut in production so we all will be out of a job soon.
  4. Awesome Fun

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    Dec 25, 2012

    Yeah, right. It's too obvious. The rest of your stuff was to difficult to read. At any rate, I just want to bid 'so long' to my fellow ATT co workers as I'm about to retire and want to share a few parting thoughts.

    What I'll miss:

    Working with mostly a great bunch of people.

    Good pay (until recently) and above average benefits.

    Always driving new trucks, staying in hotels and flying by airliner to your next destination.

    Visit 48 states and Canada on a regular basis.


    What I never liked:

    Overwhelmed with 'questionable employees' (often referred to as shills)

    I stopped being helpful regarding useful tips, etc. many years ago once I realized many of my co-workers were 'questionable', along with many management types.


    I also have to comment about this board. I used to read it regularly until recently and nearly forgot about it. This thread is a good read for sure. I recall the deleted accounts and postings, along with those that 'just vanished' for no given reason. Suspect ATT reads this daily and has a direction connection to the board operator. Much good information on the board overall but it is what it is. Wishing everyone the best as I'm not retiring completely and I'm considering a local/ regional tanker job.

    I'll still read the board from time to time and may actually contribute something if I find it worthwhile.

    Merry Christmas and a productive 2013.
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  5. dogg boi

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    Nov 1, 2012
    We wondering why we can't get the good runs they going to cold iron! att was suppose to get rid of all contractors last summer with excption of unimark but they lied. seem only runs we get are under 1000 miles. i should stayed with PAM my white buddy who came here before me say he a mod on this board what up wit dat!!! :()
  6. Confederate Butterfly

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    Aug 24, 2012

    It's been too long! As you know, I stuck around until just after the first of the year. A good experience not worth repeating. Heard too many stories from the old timers about their good to excellent credit scores trashed after their income collapsed beginning about half way through 2011 and they struggled to pay the most basic bills - many left as a result. I went to LTL - home every day - a good paycheck every week.

    I'm hearing ATT is still giving away most of their good paying trips to contractors in order to get the trucks moved. The contractors refused the crap paying runs meaning ATT drivers have mostly low paying trips to choose from. Supposed to be the other way around as I understood the contract. I'm told ATT is still running through new employees like water as those truly qualified are staying away and most of those being hired never make it beyond a few weeks at best.

    Have some free time waiting for a customer at the moment; thinking I'll look at this board more often.
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  7. DirkSteel

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    Jul 5, 2013
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    How is the truck hauling business doing? Are you making money right now?
  8. trucking69x

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    Jul 26, 2013
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    can anyone talk about them today not back in 2006????

    guess should have gone to bottom of thread.... att good or bad to drive for today?
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  9. DirkSteel

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    Jul 5, 2013
    50 states/Many countries
    I'm assuming no news is good news. After days of waiting, no replies. Surely if this drive away business was miserable there'd be drivers on here talking about it. Just look at almost any other company's threads.

    ATT, Unimark, etc. must be ok companies to drive for.
  10. Shamus

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    Aug 25, 2013
    This thread is common knowledge to the few who actually own computers; many claim they can't afford one on ATT pay. Why respond when logins are routinely locked, posts vanish or are simply deleted, entire accounts deleted, etc. Att sees something they don't like and make a phone call or whatever.

    I’m presently on ‘home time’ although I can’t afford to take any time off. Most of my bills are 60 days behind at present. I have a tough(?) decision to make: Do I leave this job behind or do I continue?

    Many years ago this job paid well and was enjoyed. Not anymore. Not at least since 2011 when the massive (over)hiring campaign began and the dispatch boards became ‘rigged’.

    A number of people were sent to the Converse terminal last week in order to be fired, mostly for company malfunctions and a few for legitimate issues. The people I spoke with all stated the same thing: ‘The company has been trying to intimidate us into quitting for years, either through verbal or physical intimidation. When that failed they resorted to financial intimidation with continuous payroll malfunctions on top of the income collapse. When that failed they just fired us for whatever reason they could come up with, knowing only a few of us would contest the action through union arbitration.’ What a way to promote employee turnover.

    Today, many of us ‘old timers’ can’t pay our bills on time because we are forced to take the low paying, time consuming trips. Why? The better paying trips appear to be steered to ‘favorites’, ‘new hires’ ATT wants to keep around and ‘productive contractors’.

    Getting reprimanded for company idiocy got old long ago. ‘New Hires’ training new hires. Most of the new hires and the company ‘favorites’ seem to already know each other?

    Politically Incorrect? Gay males and shills are over represented among the ‘favorites’ and the new hires. Gay males are also over represented among ATT management and the union stewards. A connection? The few private contractors I’ve met are mostly complete ‘#####’ who have a chip on their shoulder and have full contempt for professional representation (unions).

    My wife berates me for staying with ATT. I enjoyed the job for a long time while the above average benefits came in handy. I’m vested in the retirement plan and hope to collect payments from it in the future if it doesn’t collapse, like so many plans have. It’s just not worth the effort anymore. Dealing with questionable company managers / union stewards is finally sealing the move for me.

    I want nothing else to do with any truck haul connected with JHT Holdings or the Machinist (IAM) Automotive Division. Become a private contractor? Not hardly as only a very few make enough money consistently to make it worthwhile. Many (if not most) ‘contractors‘ are retired from another job and move trucks just to ‘get out of the house’. Beware of the shills who will state ‘you will make money hand over fist’ at ‘being your own boss’ - don’t believe a word of it.

    I have LTL all over my resume and they always seem to be hiring so it will be a no brainer. Home everyday too. Life is too short for this self abuse. So long JHT/ ATT/ truck hauling. Many good memories but a growing number of bad ones also.
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  11. bluedee

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    May 26, 2011
    Northern California
    I wonder something, are there many women that do this job?
    I have just over 1 year OTR experience, and right now, my co-driver has been sick. He got 3 blood clots in one leg, had them removed, and also had to have a toe removed. He can not drive at this time, and I am looking for a new job, where I can make decent money, and get some good benefits. I hope I can get an answer soon, as I am planning on applying soon.
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