Autonomous Truck Drives 2800 Mile Route!

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    Spread the News: Self-Driving Truck Makes Cross-Country Butter Delivery

    Another self driving truck story raises it's ugly head again for drivers to reflect and contemplate the future. Many articles like this are out there, but this one is a bit interesting because the route was presumably I-70 East over the Rockies. During this time of year, that can be a very hazardous route, with chain laws in effect and the mountain grades.

    Then again, they still have an engineer and conductor on freight trains. Commercial jets can take off and land via autopilot too. Good money in both sectors, but somehow when self driving trucks are the norm, I suspect it will be a very low wage job. As it will be looked on, by the corporate bean counters, as paying someone to sleep and surf the net while the truck drives.
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    So the poor ####### in the sleeper had to be awake three days to finish the run straight through and feed it fuel and def a couple of times. Nice.
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    I highly doubt it drove through anything but clear roads.
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