Average CPM pay and benefits for my situation?

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  1. gentleroger

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Dry van, midwest regional, home every week driving for the Big Orange top out pay is 52 cpm, with up to 4 cpm in quarterly bonus pay, 'practical mile' pay. Loads under 200 miles pay an extra 5 cpm, under 150 miles an extra 15 cpm, under 100 an extra 50 cpm, under 50 miles is straight pay plus $35. The accessory pay generally means you're making another 8 cpm to the hub - or at least it did between 2014 and 2019, the last year I tracked things closely. OTR tops out 2 cpm higher, but may have different short haul pay.

    Right now I'm "helping out" (it's been two years) on a local dedicated account and I'm averaging 80 cpm to the hub. 2018 grossed 82K, 2019 76K, 2020 89K, 2021 YTD is 66K.

    Most of the 'system' guys I talk to are hitting a 2,400 mile average per week right now.
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  3. Chinatown

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    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    Also hire new cdl school grads. Quit for awhile, but now hiring grads again.
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  4. Snow Hater

    Snow Hater Medium Load Member

    Dec 26, 2019
    Less than 2 yrs experience, drive otr, refer, hazmat and tanker. $.60 to $.65/mile + accessory pay.
  5. TokyoJoe

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    Feb 10, 2015
    I quit my OTR job in June because I wanted to start doing local but it was difficult to finally quit because the pay was so good and the work was easy. I've only driven for one company for about 6 years. Maverick. They started putting cameras in the trucks last year and I thought about quitting then but luckily for them the Coronapocalypse hit at the same time the trucks rolled out.

    When I quit we had just all received a 3cpm raise in January and then another 4 cpm raise a few months later. My cpm at the time I quit was 66cpm +6cpm bonus which is pretty easily achieved as long as you get the miles but I always get enough miles because my wife was in the truck with me and we paid no rent to anybody and didn't own a house.

    They have their glass terminal in Laurinburg NC. Thats where I drove out of. If I wanted home time I just drove my car from there to my moms house in VA and took a few days off. When I first started driving I complained about sitting around a lot or getting 3 day loads that were 1000-1500 miles but when I thought about it I realized that I probably wouldnt enjoy the pace of driving 500 miles a day making 10cpm less for the same paycheck so I just stayed doing that because it's pretty ###### easy and almost all of the loads are over 800 miles.
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