Avoid kllm at all cost! Students stay away! Here are some facts!

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    Jun 13, 2012
    They refused to pay for a load from Chicago to Lancaster, Tx. They kept telling me that there was no record of me taking that load. I gave them the confirmation number from TripPak. Said they couldn't find it. Fought with them for two days with no change in their story.

    I will admit that if KLLM hires you themselves, you are good. They will treat you good. I have a buddy who was hired by KLLM and is treated good. I was not hired by KLLM. I was aquired by KLLM from the FFE buyout. They are losing the FFE drivers left and right since the buyout. My average miles per week went down from 2800 - 3000 a week with FFE to 2200-2400 per week under KLLM. Every load I was given would already be at least a day late to be picked up because "they had no other truck" in the area.

    There trucks are descent trucks, but you have to idle them for a/c and heat. Where I am at now, I have an apu on the truck.

    I will admit that their lease purchase program is good, but the JCT lease works better for me.

    I still say, that it is all a matter of making it work for you and I don't hold anything against them. While I don't like the reason why I left, it had to be done. I don't drive for free and all it takes is one time of not paying me for a load and I am gone. If they would have been willing to work with me, I might have stayed.

    I also don't blame KLLM for wanting the FFE drivers gone. FFE doesn't have the best record out there and FFE also recently lost another law suit against them of $12 million. I wish all of the KLLM drivers here the best and be safe out there.
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    Aug 15, 2013
    Really? I'm in NJ. They hire here. I see a lot of kllm trucks moving through the northeast.
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    Jul 30, 2014
    I have been through the pre-game process and they did a real one unlike a few others that simply ask a few questions and allow or denied the pre-hire. So that makes me feel pretty good as I was not a perfect kid (19-23) I'm 28 now so years have passed and I can honestly say I don't do anything stupid anymore. So that's exciting. Of course this thread concerned me at first but as I read on the actual drivers seemed to relieve my worries. I know coming out of school I'm going to be put through the ringer in an attempt to get my experience and let the time pass before my misdemeanor s grow older. At this point KLLM is leader of my early decision. Of course I have 2 months to make that decision (I don't have the luxury to quit working my day job to attend school so I am attending weekend classrs). If any current drivers and what not have any more information I would love to hear it to make a smart decision and maybe one of the biggest ones. Thanks
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    May 3, 2016
    Where does the southeast regional cover?
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    Sir, Trucking is not for you.

    I hate to say it but you need to quit that whining. Seriously. So half the stuff is standard in trucking and the other half is probably your lazy ness. I can transfer from one tractor to another about a hour. The trick is not to have so much freaking stuff. That is what pushed me over the edge.

    So what if the abandoned truck wont start? You are the agent of the company and you will have what is required to get that thing going again.

    The rest of it I better hold my thunder... All companies have a little dirty to them here and there. But this is one solid list of whine. Let me ask you this. What is GOOD about trucking. If if you say nothing at all.. then my next suggestion is get out of trucking.
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    Could not of said it better....gotta start somewhere....
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    Apr 7, 2013
    That was posted over four years ago.
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    *bangs head.

    That's ok, I'll get over it. I don't even know where I would be in 4 years. Who knows.
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    New here! First how do I make a post that's like has nothing to do with this post? And second can someone inform me on how Kllm is doing at this moment was about to give them a call this week?
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    I'm dedicated being doing good. Otr is mostly for teams and trainers. I would recommend going dedicated if you can.
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