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    And also to add,some drivers expect dispatch to know when you are ready,when you want to be home,how many miles you want to get and how are you want to run (not log book lieing either),some drivers don't tell their DM,hay man this is what I need,and if that DM screws you over then complane to higer mangement,people do listen,and some people driving is not the job for them,weeks out,dealing with idoits and rude people,over bearing law enforcement,over regulated rules that make no dang sence.....it's rought and if you can't handle it,McD's is always looking for people!!!!!!!!! Good day all.........
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    Yeah, Well I tried talking to Jerry in Knoxville when my dumba** DM Heather screws me and I got well, maybe you don't need to work here. So then I talked to Patrick and he said the same thing. Then another driver told me to talk to Phil. It got a little better, but my DM is a b*&^%, She told me no one is allowed to be home for the whole Memorial Day weekend and sent me out on a load that delivered on Monday. And like always she let me sit still Wenesday for a load. I have talked to many Glen Moore drivers, National and SE regional and I haven't heard anything good. I was told I couldn't be home for the planned arrival of my child because they didn't have a magic load to get me there, then when I parked the truck in the truck stop and told them I would get my own way home, she wrote me up. This company sucks and you can take it to the bank that I am looking for another job, I worked for a $ .49 cent a mile company for 10 years before I came here and the only reason I left that job was because they went out of business. And before anyone says it was a little guy, I drove for, I drove for Jevic. The insurance was great $30.00 to have my first child, 100% labor & delivery. And they made sure there drivers got home for the holiday, and paid them for it also. And that first week of vacation pay was not a rotten $300.00 and not for only 4 days off. Yes, my dumb DM told me your vacation is only for 4 days. What kind of crap is this. ANd you all the Yellow, Roadway, and USF drivers that have been laid off that have come here are all saying the same thing. And when I tell my Dm I want to move she says so what! I have been driving for a long time and I have worked for a only a 3 companies, I am not a job hopper like most drivers, but I know this company SUCKS! So that one driver who thinks the world of them, must be pretty #### special or touched, because when you read the posts from everyone else and actually talk to the drivers and find out how crappy they are, I think anyone with a some sense, can decide for themselve. Oh yeah a word of warning about what they claim home time if you get it 34 hours max every 6-7 days, Recruiter Dix is a lair!
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    I am not complaining about glen moore but he is right about the getting you home part. They are the only carrier i know of to push that sleep apnea b.s down your thought and you have to have the test done in 3 months. But when you make a appointment to get the test done they say we are backed up on loads and we cant get you home. Other then that i am national and i get great miles.
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    Hey Yellow ruins company do you know if YRC Glen Moore hires in SE Louisiana..
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    Just being curious... Do you currently work for them and if you do what job do you have?
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    Do you work for them or have you ever worked for them? :biggrin_25525:
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    yes i did in fact work for them for a bit over 2 years.
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    What the heck is the sleep apnia comments about? They check you for it every couple of months?:biggrin_25518:
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    I have spent six (6) years of my life with Usf Glen Moore running the North East, Till one day suddenly,they Tell me that I am no longer needed. But I was always on time every time with P/u and Deliverys. They called it a Layoff, But it was a fireing to me. Patrick will lie to you big time and so do all the DM's there. And YES, they will try to run you Illegally. The load planners will lie to too also. PLEASE Do Not drive for this Company. Look at there (yrc) stock its going down hill!!

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    I dont get all the complaints about glen moore i work for them out of knoxville i get nothing but respect miles andhome time when i want it
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