Backing up a truck not as easy as it seems!

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by onthefence, Sep 30, 2010.

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    I think it's all in finding a phrase or technique that works for you. Just need to find the thing that clicks in your brain.

    I taught several warehouse guys to back up trucks using that method that couldn't get it straight before. What worked for me was the phrase "turn towards the problem".

    Just take things at your own pace and slow everything down as much as possible. I find that if things get really hard I will just make the whole back a few inches at a time, then stop to assess my situation before going back just a few more inches.
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    I can tell you this, Even some of us "old timers" have to pull up and start over, None of us are perfect. But Practice and doing over and over again will make it seem easier. If in doubt GET out and Look. And a note to all those people in a BIG Hurry, You should have left earlier, give the newbies a Break, or better yet give them a Hand we all Started Somewhere and WE all Had to learn from trial and Error. Just my Two Cents.
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    I've been sitting here playing with that simulator and find it very helpful visualizing what needs to happen...
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    Update: no 'mid-term' due to rain. I practiced backing for at least 4-5 hours, then in the afternoon, the instructor had me try off-set parking...yikes, waaaay harder.

    As for the CB, I am still in class, so there is no CB to ignore. The trucks are poorly maintained and the rain made looking in the mirrors almost pointless (I said almost). I know about turning toward the trouble, but sometimes my brain and body do not agree and I either turn the wrong way or turn too late and have to move forward.

    The 'yard' behind the school is full of potholes, so it make a straight back a challenge. We are using cones, but with the rain today, even that didn't totally help.

    For the sraight back I used an automatic. For the offset a 10-speed Freightliner (what a beast! in big and hard to see out of).
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    I have a Small Tip that Might help you and it might not,
    When Backing if the cones are on your Left, if you turn the Steering wheel right you will get tighter to them, if your turn the Steering wheel to the Left, you will get farther away same as tightening a Bolt and loosening, and When you turn the Steering wheel to the right if you feel yourself lean forwards to look, Start Turning it to the left to Get back under the trailer, I hope this does not confuse you as it is easier to show you than to tell you.
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    Canuck is right. I call the watchers the Inconvenient Peanut Gallery.

    I think Thumper is joking. At least I hope so. I always tell new people never, ever let someone else back your truck in for you. It blows your confidence all to smithereens and it takes a long time to regain it.

    Best instruction I ever received was "Turn the wheel toward your trouble." In other words, if your trailer drifts right, turn right. If left, turn left. This works for people like me who back from the top of the wheel.
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    :biggrin_2556: Hi, well since he found out how hard it is too back in rain, and differnt truck's, but that part of our job, too figure out thing's and do it, i wasnt gonna say anything about the caves in Mo, o-boy them are real fun, cause the trl dosnt hit the bottom or anything, it's the top of pillons, they got those big umbrelle thing comes down , that's were most truckdriver get's stuck on , then there stuck with the corner and knock most corner light's off, after i learn how , i got most loads going into the caves, i like it down there, nice and cool, and can turn engine off, get my good sleep there, kinda erie sounding too,, then i wasnt gonna say anything about daylight- night backing up, i mean by that is backing in bright daylight , then backing into a building , very blind in the mirrores as you go inside the building docks, (nightime) or very dark, i ussalyy wait till i got the rear trl inside the door and opean doors, why becuse most times you have only 2 inches on each side of trl, i seen drivers pop doors coming out , so i close and opean doors inside, these are lots fun places too go too, most postal, paper mills use these type of docks, mayby they knew what i was doing , cauuse i never left a door behind as other drivers did in the company , so i got all these loads, i told em why me , there others drivers here, but they keep giving to me, yes backing is as naturaul as driving forward, just takes lots practice , and after awhile comes nataural as driving forward,sorry i cant spell, but i thought i let you know whats ahead of you on this two lane road we call trucking for living, so dont take the exit off the hyway yet, relaxe take a deep breath , i do when i get a tough one too back, and say to myself i can do this, ignore the helckers , other truck driver, i find it helpfull you turn everything off in cab and have a very quite cab ecept the cb, there are a few that will help you out,most rather heckle you too death, we all have too earn our stripes and they were there too, Everett, p.s. i hope someday too be out there traing again, just got get this job done im doing now.:biggrin_2556:Everett.
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    Back when I first started driving an old timer told me .Hey its just like pushing a wheelbarrow.And it really is.It does take awhile to get the hang of it,but once you catch on you will never forget how to back.
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    I've been to those caves! Some of them are really tight. Yeah and you are correct they are deceiving because those pillars stick out more the higher they go so the middle of your trailer may clear but not the very top. Plus its dark and you can't see to begin with. If you have a frozen load when you open the doors it fogs up the cave and then you really can't see crap!
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