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    Jun 17, 2016
    Star Leasing Services previously know as Star Transport closed the doors in early March of 2015 after Swift officials came in and demanded all the drivers pack there things up in their trucks and leave the premises.... of all things after JR the current owner and previous owners son tripled up on the payments to swift just the month before to get out from under them and be back on their own. I started out working for star back in 2004 and worked for them until November of 2014 they gave me my big break into the trucking industry. I was a company driver for a few years then I jumped into one of their lease trucks and ran it until swift came in 2013 and I let my truck sit at home while I jumped into a new company truck. Which at that time it was a new 2014 kenworth t680 and they where nice. I worked with them until a week before Thanksgiving and then I turned the truck in and quit. But out of every company I've worked for since then they where the best company ive ever worked for, friendly people and they worked with u when it came time to try and get u home. Its been alot since then that I've worked for I've been bouncing around trying to find a company similar to them and have yet to find that at home feeling like I did when I was working for them.
    I will miss all the people I worked for even though I still keep in touch with some of the office staff but I will still miss that at home feeling that I had every time I came into the terminal.
    I thank this company for the best years of my trucking life and without them I probably would of never lasted out here on the road as long as I have.
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