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  1. Big Rig Boi

    Big Rig Boi Light Load Member

    Jul 9, 2012
    I know theres probaby threads about this already, but to make a more recent, and modified one, and, to help out the expert, intermidiate and the noob, I wanted to ask, and rank and category, what are the best tanker companies, by how they treat the trucker, the benefits, the overtime, the pay and hometime.. anybody have any companies or experiences?:biggrin_25520:
  2. whitesmoke

    whitesmoke Bobtail Member

    Jul 13, 2012
    has for my experience, start taking notes on tankers you see on the road. if you are already a tanker driver take note of the tanker companies you are loading wit firsth. that was my simple formula witch lead me to schneider bulk, yes thats right scneider bulk. best dam tanker yanking ever experienced.

    first of all they have all the leading refinerys sewed up. that is just the tip of the iceberg. i made a very easy and relaxing $75.0000 first year. trust me they have it all. you are paid for absolutly everything you do. just send in your work via qaulcom and boom its on your check. benefits check equal to white collar. equipment check best dam mantaided on the road. sure they are governed but guess what you get paid for running under governer. i could go
    on but i challenge you to find out for yourself.
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  3. Upright

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    Jul 13, 2012
    California's Best City
    Hometime???? STAY LOCAL if you worry about home time. Your home daily plus local drivers make more money. IMHO. They usually pay hourly and not by the load crap.
  4. Flip Flops

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    Jun 1, 2012
    The Left Lane..
    Ranking them will be difficult because all you have to go on is opinion and hearsay, somebody will always disagree..

    What works for some might not work for others..
  5. nicholas_jordan

    nicholas_jordan Medium Load Member

    Mar 31, 2012
    temple texas
    definite yes to that [!]
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  6. RickG

    RickG Road Train Member

    Jul 22, 2008
    Owensboro , KY
    As far as Scheider goes I have never heard any customer. Say anything good about them.
    We just got a contract they lost due to poor performance.
    If the pay was that great they would have a waiting list of experienced drivers and wouldn't be constantly recruiting newbies.
  7. Big Rig Boi

    Big Rig Boi Light Load Member

    Jul 9, 2012
    Well Im not talking about big companies, what are some good small companies for tanker drivers. good or best?
  8. andre

    andre Medium Load Member

    Feb 10, 2008
    Jacksonville, FL
    Where do you live?

    Reason I ask is the small trucking companies are going to be hiring drivers in a specific area around them and their customers. Heck, even the big companies have hiring ranges they stick to I suppose.
  9. Big Rig Boi

    Big Rig Boi Light Load Member

    Jul 9, 2012
    right now, Im in ohio.. But i have a place in texas, and NYC
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